Good Morning


Nothing like a good sunrise to begin the day. This time I took the photo from the eastern side of the garden, where the sun rises. Does not look much different from the other side, but perhaps a little more intensive. I am glad to have a sunrise.

So what will we do today?

Migros Xmas Langendorf

Yes, another journey to the suprmarket for the week-end shopping. It seems only yesterday that it was last week-end. That was when Mr. Swiss did the shopping all on his own because I was still recovering from my fall in the garden. He did it very well and we lacked for nothing over the week-end. Gives me an idea to send him on his own today, but I also want to go places and see things.

As you can see on the photo, the Christmas tent has already appeared outside the supermarket. Actually the photo is from last year, but if I took the photo today it would look exactly the same. Why do people make such a stress with Christmas gifts? I am probably the big exception as I do not celebrate Christmas, just join in for the others. We abolished Chrismas presents a couple of years ago. I do not give and do not expect to be given. It is not a bad idea. If I want something I buy it myself, and so does Mr. Swiss and what can 2 golden oldies really need. We have everything. New limbs, muscles and bones are not yet available.

I have bought myself a wheelchair and got the confirmation yesterday that delivery will be 2-3 weeks which is not great problem. I am not in need of it immediatly and am still thinking about where to park it. It is an outdoor wheelchair and not for moving around in my four walls. I can still manage on my own, now and again with a stick Anyhow that was has been ticked off the list. I have been thinking about it for some time, but have decided to treat myself to the new iPhone X when it appears. Again no rush, my iPhone 6 is still working. I just like to have a little luxury now and again. And  I prefer to wait until next year, when the first customers have used their new iPhone X and discovered a few problems which might occur. Experience tells me to be patient and let the others try it first.

So that is my Christmas dealt with. Of course baby Alexander, my new granson, is not included in the Christmas Present abolishment. He is a new arrival, although probably too young for his first iPad.

There are people in Facebook that are already discussing their Christmas shopping lists and what they are buying and for whom. Many proudly announce that they have already completed their list. List? Christmas use to be such a family thing, and now it is a Facebook thing. I had to laugh at the various family groups all smiling around the Christmas tree last year in Facebook. I do not even know these people and they do not know me, but I have a group photo of their Christmas. I think I will start a photo album of various family Christmas photos this year, just for the fun of it. Lots of strange people I do not know, celebrating Christmas.

Front Garden

I took a photo of my front garden this morning for a change and must say I am quite happy about it. I am no longer as active as I was, so I engage the help of No. 1 son to clear a few things away. My yellow dying hosta leaves have now been disposed of and otherwise he regularly collects the fallen Autum leaves. Today I wil ask him to remove the two pots of Calla to the cellar where they will spend the Winter. He does the job in 5 minutes where I need at least half an hour if at all and never complains.

The gardener is supposed to come to repair the destruction occurred from the builders, but it seems he has disappeared. At the moment the weather is OK, but next week the cold spell begins – not my problem. The painter has also disappeared after a few preliminary cleaning sessions on the wall he is supposed to paint. The last news was that his boss must approve the colour mixture before it is applied. Today is Friday, so I am not expecting too much. Many workers have a Friday allergy.

Enjoy your Fridays wherever you are. We have two full days with nothing to do but wait until next week, so make the most of it.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Christmas has become way to commercialize and the focus has moved from faith and family to outright greed. Even though I am a Christian I stopped celebrating Christmas. Of course I join in for my brother Stephen since he has Autism but our greatest gift for any holiday season is to be together.
    Yesterday while at work I saw the people lined up at the Apple store across from my job waiting for the Apple iPhone X.
    For $1200 that iPhone X better cook my food, do my laundry, clean my house and buy groceries. Plus fly me to my destination when I put it in Airplane mode. Lol

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    • My son is also autistic and now 46 years old. I am not sure if he would ever understand religion, although he knows what a church is, and I must be honest, I never really bothered so much. I am glad when he can find his own way through life with all its problems. I am an atheist and I do not celebrate Christmas, just out of respect for those that believe. It is a time of stress, and I remember being glad for the holiday to be able to relax – relax? Not as a housewife, everyone expected a good meal. A good point about the new iPhone X. We have no Apple store in our little market town and would have to travel to Zürich. I am biding my time with this one. I will need a new phone but no rush.

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      • My brother Stephen is 56. I believe that his Group Home takes him to a nearby church. When I’m able I try to make it out to Sunday service.
        Christmas can be very stressful so I get my brother gift ahead of time. Stephen enjoys being with me. We spend time exploring the city, seeing the store holiday windows, various City Christmas trees and Holiday/Kriss Kringle marts. Then coming home for cups of Hot Chocolate.

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  2. New York city was truly wonderful at Christmas. Just looking in the windows was amazing. They used to sell hot chestnuts along the street. My mother would buy them and we would sit on the steps of the big library and peel them. They were warm and our hands were always cold.

    Around here, we are either buried under mountains of snow, or thrilled that it hasn’t snowed YET. But it is definitely all about snow.

    It’s our day to grocery shop again. I does feel like we went just yesterday.

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    • London was also,a great place at Christmas with the Street decorations and the stores with the wonderful, decorations. There were no computers or I pads, but we had Mr. Potato man. You the plastic face features, arms and legs. The head was a potato.


    • My son has helped me a lot in the garden, although it is not such a problem for him, he is quite strong. Delivery for the wheelchair is 2-3 weeks. Those potato heads were quite the favorite, now it all has to be computerized.

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