Flower of the Day: 03.11.2017 African Violet

African Violet

I think these were the original indoor plant you could buy, although the first colours were a sort of wishy washy violet. Of course the aspidestra was the plant to have in London, the origianal from the days of Queen Victoria, but the african violet, Saintpaulia, were very popular. Now they arrive in all sorts of colours and shapes.

Flower of the Day: 03.11.2017 African Violet

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 03.11.2017 African Violet

  1. Oh, I miss my African violet! It was a simple dark denim blue, but I really enjoyed it, and it had so many babies! It was not as pretty as yours. It passed away about eleven years ago, along with many of my other houseplants. I will get another someday. Maybe it will be white!

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    • When I had more time for such things, I had bowls of African violets, most of them babies from the original. I even grew a few on hydruculture. I am also on the someday thing with them, but will probably not get round to it.

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      • The funny thing is that when I first met African violets when I was a kid, I did not like them. I build a planter box on the porch in which to plant my mothers African violets. I was hoping that they would die out there over winter. Instead, they proliferated so much that I had to give their pups to the neighbors. Everyone in the neighborhood had African violets! I think that some are still around! Mine came from somewhere else.

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