Photo Challenge: Peek

Railway 30.10 (4)

On Monday this week we were ready to leave our little Swiss village for a trip to the local store in another village and the train barriers came down in front of our car. We were sitting and waiting, and naturally I prepared my camera for a shot of the local train as it whizzed past. I took about 4-5 shots, but most of them disappeared into the happy photo hunting grounds except for one.

So here is the driver’s cabine of the “Bipperlisi” peeking through as it heads onto further pastures. The name of the train is locally known, the end station being Niederbipp, which comes after Oberbipp. The place is full of Bipps.

Photo Challege: Peek

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Peek

      • Well, I figured it mean something like that. Around here, “ford” and “bridge” indicate a mill town. There’s often a word like “mil” or “mill” attached too, or the name of whoever owned the mill. But bridge or ford indicates a bridge over water.


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