Good Morning


A nip in the air, as my mum would say, a cold misty morning, but the sun is rising somewhere in the east, or at least thinking about it. I was also thinking about rising this morning, but it was so comfortable hugging the bed. The first job of the day was changing the bed linen, although we do it together more or less. I am just not so good at hopping around, so my partner does that bit.

Road to Niederbipp

Yesterday I escaped once again to the realms of Niederbipp this time, although it was almost Oensingen. Out on the country roads to visit the place where they sell or rent aids for the handicapped. My movement problems due to MS, especially walking and not falling, are not improving. I can still move around inside my own 4 walls without very much assistance as I do not exactly live in a palace with large sized rooms and high ceilings. However, as soon as I am out of the door in the fresh air, dangers lurk everywhere. This coupled with the problems of taking extended walks, lead me to the conclusion that I should do something about it.

We arrived at the place, a very roomy showroom and got my first shock when I saw wheelchairs for a price of a smaller car. However, this was just the initial impression. The young lady that attended to me was very helpful. It was individual assistance and we all sat down and discussed my needs. She also came to the conclusion that an elecric wheelchair would be my solution and showed me a few models that were not exactly formula 1 racing wheelchairs. We soon settled for a model and I made a test run around the building and afterwards outside as they had a spacious parking lot which had almost no cars. I was totally enthusiastic. This was the life – with the controls all on the righthand side, and even a horn to warn the others to go to one side, it was ideal. Afterwards we spoke about individual additions I might need. I even have a small rücksack hanging on the back, ideal for various camera lens.

I can reach a speed of 10 kilometers and hour, although this will come with training. I can also raise the seat if necessary, all electronic. When the battery is loaded I have a kilometer distance of about 40, but as I am not planning to do a tour of Switzerland, that will be enough. It would easily get me to the next town and back with kilometers to spare. The chair will be delivered when available and I will be instructed once again when it arrives.

I know no-one wants a life in a wheelchair, least of all me, but you have to face up to the realities of life. My MS does not improve with age, and I do all I can to keep up my qualities of life as far as I can. I am perhaps lucky to live in a country where we have a good care system. Of course an electric wheelchair is not cheap, but I am not getting younger and “I cannot take it with me” as they say.

Road to Niederbipp

It was a very sunny afternoon as we passed some good scenery on the way. I refrained from taking photos when we departed, as we were more concentrated in finding the right road, but today with all these electronic navi attachments, you just follow the map. On the way home I was in action and here you see Bipp castle, at the foot of the Jura moutains. I did not even know that Niederbipp had a castle, but you learn all sorts of things when you take a trip into the unknown.

Road to Niederbipp

We had a good view of the range of the Jura peaks on the way. The peak with the spike on top is our local Weissenstein mountain.

Today is a day of rest in Switzerland. The halloween evening passed quietly, no tricking or treating. It is now All Saints day and the idea is to visit the cemetery and visit a few departed. I will not be going, too many people, almost like market day in town. The shops are closed and the cupboard is full. Today is a holiday, oh I forgot, everyday is a holiay when you are a golden oldie.

Take care, keep well and make the most of your computer.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • There will naturally be a photo when it arrives. I had a choice of colours even I was tempted to get a bright red one, but decided on dark blue to keep everyone happy. I even have a horn. I went for a short drive and at last will be movable again. You can vary the speed and I probably will not be doing top speed all the time. I don’t want to be fined for speeding


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