Daily Prompt: We are surrounded by Mysteries

Life is full of mysteries, so I will not try to solve the eternal mystery of why on the first of the month, mostly, our pingbacks do not work. This time it is 1st November and I suspect that the spirits of the cyberworld have not yet returned to their graves, and are still making the most of the halloween night.

Iron Man

I have my own private mysteries to solve, because since becoming a golden oldie I am constantly forgetting where I put certain important objects, although I am glad to say that Mr. Swiss spent some time this morning searching for his car key only to find it where it should be.

Now I have a mystery object outside on my porch next to this wall. I took a photo and was please to see no ghostly apparitions appearing on the camera lens, although it could have become the photo of the year.

The wall is the boundary between my garden and a bordering path. It is a high wall, but not wide and you can see that a hedge begins to grow next to it. Our builders have now left us forever, I think) but now and again we have the visit of an isolated painter, clad in his white overall. He is a wall person and has taken great interest in this wall since Monday. It used to be a clean white wall until he arrived and it now has brown stains. There are two more walls on the other side of the appartment, very similar.

Unfortunately I have a window next to these walls and the painter man, who is not painting, sprays water on my walls daily from a hose. That is why the wall now has brown stains.  The water arrives in a spray and also attacks my clean, spotless windows. They are no longer spotless but have traces of water drops on them. After questioning this lonely painter, he told us that he was cleaning the wall, because it will be painted, in a darker shade of green than all the other greens. OK, it’s his job, so what do I want to say. Mr. Swiss did mention that everytime he sprays the wall he also sprays my windows. He gave a very wise answer and ignored the question, one of those unanswered questions. I do not think he is talking to us at the moment.

I noticed the next day when he returned to spray the wall for the third time, he left more water traces on my windows than before – were his feelings hurt, always being the target of our summer of discontent.

Another mystery is the appearance of the metal sleeving resting next to the wall.

Iron man

Are they perhaps planning a re-make of the film “Wizared of Oz”, this being part of the costume for The Tin Man? It would fit perfectly from the shoulder down to the wrist. I remember it appeared two weeks ago before the scaffolding was removed. Perhaps The Tin Man was one of the builders, and left his arm behind. I asked Mr. Swiss if we could use such a piece of metal, and he is still thinking about it.

Otherwise it was a peaceful day today being All Saints Day. As far as I know there were no missing persons at the local graveyard, so it seems everyone returned to their own graves.

Daily Prompt: We are surrounded by Mysteries

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