3 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Costume

  1. Well I have began to think that any reason to wear a costume is a good thing to some people. Really give them half a chance and they will dress in costumes to a degree to make halloween dress seem like school clothes. I see pictures of people at cosplay events, gamers, sci-fiction conventions to name a few. Not to mention Pride parades and mardi gras. SO fear not, I bet there is still time for your building to get in on the crazy and have a costume parade of your own. Good luck. Hugs

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    • Carnival is a big tradition in our Kanton, mainly because it is a catholic area. It begins at 5.00 a.m. with a very noisy procession, people banging metal objects together or playing instruments. Throughout the week there are masked balls and two carnival processors with music. It ends on Ash Wednesday in the evening with a large fire where a figure stuffed with fireworks is burnt.

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