Share Your World – October 30, 2017

Where do you eat breakfast?


When I leave my bed I head for the kitchen, fire up the computer and prepare my frugal breakfast of two slices of bread and jam accompanied by a cup of tea (without milk or sugar) and I am ready to go. I have two computers, but prefer the big Acer with windows 10 for breakfast. I use the Apple in the afternoon.  The world is then in order and I can act stereo: a slice of bread in the right hand and in between greet everyone with a “Good Morning” on my computer. What could be better. Note I do not need fancy plates or knives and forks. I do the preparation on the kitchen top and kitchen paper serves very well to stop leaving sticky jam patches everywhere.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want have a evening with?

I began a discussion with Mr. Swiss – I decided this would lead nowhere, as we both have different ideas on an enjoyable evening. He is still nursing his injury after I threw a book at him when he said Sharon Stone. I would spend my evening with my Kindle and he would be at my side watching a crimi on the TV. What could be better. Who needs Brad Pitt or George Cloony.

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?


Definitely a triffid – I know the photo is a protea, but it is about the nearest I could get as triffids seems to be camera shy. Triffids are the best of both worlds, plant and animal. They are also planning to take over the world, although some triffids have already infiltrated certain governments but they are the ones that remain more vegetable brained, than human. They were just the prototype.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 


My oldest son is autistic and we visited his boss last week in the factory where he works to see how he is doing. We had a good discussion and things could not be better. He is a good worker. The nice thing about visiting is that the boss has a pet cockatoo. Not just a pet, but where the boss goes, the cockatoo goes as well, usually perched on his shoulder. I took a few photos – so meet Öttu (english Otto), the human cockatoo. He does not actually speak, he just thinks he does.

Share Your World – October 30, 2017

11 thoughts on “Share Your World – October 30, 2017

    • I was at school in the early sixties when we were reading John Wyndham books. Some have even been filmed, including Day of the Triffids. It was something completely different to read Sci Fi as a school book, but eventually I read all the Wyndham books. The triffids stayed in my memory and I found the name such a good invention.

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    • Yes, but no one believes me. They even breathe and now and again pull up their roots and move to other places. Perhaps the us is invaded by the body snatchers, although I thought they showed more taste in the body they would occupy.


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