Good Morning

Clouds 28.10 (5)

I am not welcoming you this morning with a morning cloud photo, because it is grey in grey and looks like the pillows on my bed when I leave it in the morning. This is from yesterday evening. I noticed with these cloud shows you have to be quick to capture them at the right moment. Five minutes later the sky begins to darken and the big light effects are gone. Of course when Mr. Swiss saw me moving a little further afield to catch the complete effect he gave out warnings about falling and being careful, so I had to hurry. As I turned he was standing outside with his iPhone camera also capturing the moment, so I say no more.

Anyhow after my depressive moments yesterday it can only get better. I now trust myself again to walk around inside with no aids from a stick. I still have a reminder in my left foot from my fall, but now it is just a reminder and not a warning. I would like to thank all of you that uttered your words of sympathy and advice. You no longer feel so alone in your bad moments, we all have our crosses to bear.


I had another lifting device yesterday. My garden is now approaching the dying time, when you should clear out the yellow and brown leaves. I asked my son if he would do me a favour and remove the dying hosta leaves, but only if they easily could be pulled away. Hostas are good if you wait long enough, they just give up parting from the ground and it is easy to complete the job. I had to explain exactly what and where, him being an autist, but he set to the work with no problem and did the job in five minutes, where I would have needed half an hour if at all. He never says no when you ask.

We now have this thing called daylight saving time, although we called it “putting back the clocks” in my younger days. This means that I got an hour more sleeping time. Of course your routine is toally upside down. On the other hand you awake and realise there is no rush, you can lay a little longer. I found myself catching up on my comments on my iPad at 5.00 a.m. instead of 6.00 a.m. but this had its advantage. It was an hour earlier, but afterwards I put my iPad to one side on the bedside table, closed my eyes, and yes, I slept for a further hour. Even Mr. Swiss compensated with an early morning sleep which is rare for him.

Oh and I had a dream, a real event. I was on a cruise ship with the family and we eventually docked in at Geneva. Geneva is on a lake, not an ocean, but we could not enter the harbour and so we had to wait next to the beach. This was all very surreal, especially when we arrived in a restaurant on the coast (which Geneva does not have) and I left the family to take some photos of Geneva. The photo taking was complicated because I had to walk to get to the right place through a hotel and when I finally returned after taking some great photos, the restaurant was empty and Mr. Swiss had disappeared. I was then very lucky, I awoke, so I do not know if I ever found him. Another warning not to get carried away by taking photos I suppose.

Anyhow I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to go and now for a nice quiet Sunday. It is very cold ouside and we have high winds, but there is a freshness in the air. Beginning the morning hours with no darkness  certainly makes a difference.


And another boring moon photo: we have now reached half moon. I keep rehearsing with these moon photos, without using my tripod, until I get there.

Have a good Sunday, with or without changing your clocks. If you forgot even better, you win an hour that you did not expect. I love that time changing in October, I get another hour’s sleep. We are now all digital with our computers, so there is no excuse really to forget.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We changed our clocks at the beginning of this month but forward not back so I am waiting to get my hour of sleep back. It seems that Daylight Saving starts earlier every year in the states that have it. Queensland and Western Australia do not. Glad to hear that you are moving better today.

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    • Now that seemed strange to me, but of course. You live down under so it works the other way round. I neve realised that. We Europeans do it all together more or less.


  2. In the US, the time changes on 11/5. That will mean early evenings and a little more light in the mornings. I am an evening person, so I always have a problem on time-change weekend in the fall, until I get used to the change.

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    • I have problems with my computer timetable as the challenges from WordPress all arrive at different times, although I sleep after lunch so it shouldn’t make a lot of difference.


  3. You need to focus on the moon using your spot meter. Try it. You need the spot meter of you get sky, not moon!

    I’m almost recovered from MY last fall. This the next one and there’s always a next one. i think I’ll go shell some shrimp.

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    • I have problems focusing on anything at the moment because I have to focus on my balance as well. I am gradually recovering from my falls, until the next one. My left foot, and leg, are so unpredictable.


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