Flower of the Day: 29.10.2017 Buddleia

Buddleia 30.07 (2)

I love these bushes, also known as butterfly bushes for obvious reasons. If you want butterflies in the garden, then plant a few of these and you will be sure of your butterflies. Since I have had my own garden, almost 20 years, I have had them in the garden in all colours. Now I only have two, a blue one in the back yard and a pink delight in the front yard, but there are always butterflies.

Flower of the Day: 29.10.2017 Buddleia

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 29.10.2017 Buddleia

  1. My mother planted one in the middle of her back yard. It need almost no water, and blooms so profusely. I think it is too big for something that only provided flowers, but I can’t argue. It gets cut back every so often. It is one of the more reliably drought tolerant plants for our chaparral climate.

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    • I discovered that according to the type colour, they have their own characteristics . That is why I like the pink ones. They grow more compact and flower very well. They also remain quite bushy. I cut them back either in November or leave them until March.

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      • There are a few compact cultivars now, but I do not like them. They were developed by a grower that I do not like much. (Their plants are not sustainable. They want you to keep coming back for more.) They happen to have a really nice compact blue one that is the color of faded denim, with nice dense gray foliage;; but not in my back yard.

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        • I have a blue one, but not so compact and it has survived well over the last 5 years. The darker violet species grow everywhere here from the seeds they spread, often near the railway lines.

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