Good Morning


I almost gave up on a photo to say good morning. Everything was shrouded in mist, but as I sat here at my breakfast and computer I notice a ray of light outside, so I bounced my way outside with the phone camera and did a few shots: nothing astounding, but let there be light and there was light.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has a problem with one of our super plastic bags for the garbage. They have a plastic drawstring around the top of the bag which you can pull to tie a knot. Unfortunately he has bought a faulty product and the draw string only goes along half of the top of the bag. This time not even profanities help, and probably the job will have to be completed with sticky tape. After further enquiries Mr. Swiss has confirmed that all the bags are the same, probably a new system. He is still searching for the operating instructions. These bags are the special appointed plastic bags, you are not allowed to use other executions, and they are not cheap.

Meanwhile life goes on.


After taking my morning shot a murder of crows flew over (love that collective noun) so of course I took another shot or two.

Otherwise it is Saturday and I will be staying at home. I had another little accident yesterday which has repercussions this time. My ankle decided to stop working and my foot left my leg resulting in a fall in the garden. This time it was more serious because Mr. Swiss was in the back room and I was on my own. I literally crawled to the edge of the garden through the damp earth and grass, as there was no chance of standing up. At this point my arms were growing weaker and I could hardly sit. The rescue troop arrived and Mr. Swiss did the best he could, but I was immovable. After a few manoevres I managed to sit supporting my back on a chair. We fetched something lower and somehow I managed to sit. The rest went automatically. Once I can sit I can stand, but this was serious.

Of course I had twisted my foot to a certain extent and movement co-ordination for the rest of the day was not so good. Mr. Swiss told me to stay at home and he did the week-end shopping on his own, He had made a list on our cloud phone and I checked through, added a few bits and pieces. He did a perfect shopping job and I was glad. I spent yesterday relaxing and hoping that my foot would recover. These things always get better, it is just a matter of time.

However, I now had to go over the books because I realised that my MS was now infringing my quality of life. Of course Mr. Swiss is right when he tells me that hopping around in the garden with a camera and taking photos is not ideal if I lose my balance. I then reaslised if the photos stop, I have no more hobbies. I am not someone that sits around doing nothing. Of course there is my computer, but that is not the answer. I used to go out and about with the camera, which I have not done for some time, but at least I have the immediate outdoors.

I have to face up to realities. I contacted a colleague who is in charge of the first aid groups that I did voluntary work for, for advice. There is a place not so far to where I live that sell or rent medical aids and Mr. Swiss and I have come to the conclusion that I need a wheel chair. I am not hopping around with a zimmerframe, as I still need a free hand for the camera. Just a manual wheelchair for in the garden where I can sit and move and hold the camera for photos.

With my MS I know the day will come when I will be dependent on some sort of aid. My colleague told me that the people are very helpful in the shop and advise very well. I can even make a trial journey with an electric wheelchair. I was thinking manual, but why not electric. I am no longer as secure as I was when walking and the worst that can happen to me is to fall, because there is no way I can stand on my own. I can try everything, but it no longer works.

I now have bruised ribs from my accident a couple of days ago, and now a bruised foot, as well as a sore knee. If this continues I will have to get a suit of armour. I now feel so insecure. I now have visions of whizzing around in a wheelchair, breaking all speed limits. Perhaps I should have a horn to warn people to get out of the way. Of course I can still walk on my own, but I have to be very careful.

Autumn Eurasien Smoketree

On a brighter note I will leave you with my Eurasien Smoketree from the garden showing its Autumn coat. Enjoy the week-end and be careful where you tread.

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your tree is lovely. It would be a shame if you had to give up outdoor photography altogether so the wheelchair sounds like a way to prolong the time you can keep doing it. If you can get electric it might not be a bad thing in case manipulating a manual one becomes too difficult later.The main thing is you are not confined to the house after waiting so long to get your outside areas back.

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    • I only see advantages. I would no longer have worries about falling an organizing my camera. It is difficult enough walking with a cane and using the camera. I am really not a complete invalid, but it is a matter of being able to choose and not to give up completely. After my last fall I realized that I will have to change a few things. We are now golden oldies and have to plan our future with the best possible comfort.

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    • My camera gives me the possibility to look at my surroundings and discover. I like to occupy myself. I have my computer which proves that my brain is still working. I also love my Kindle, a wonderful way to keep in touch with the world of literature. Now I just have to plant my body firmly in the world of gravity to do all I want to do.

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      • The same here. I started doing book reviews to give something to do and it worked better than what I expected. I understand where you are coming from as I am a Goldie oldie. The bone scan I had this week, it now official, I am classified by the World Health Organization for a severe form of osteoporosis. Big news as I had since the 1980’s. I have caregivers and am realized I have been fighting and losing a battle with them. I don’t understand when I say do not wash my tea towels. I wait until I have a load and than wash them. It is a sad situation that our bodies are deteriorating but our minds are not senile. People look at my age and think I don’t understand. No caregiver today. I hope to get a lot done.

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        • I so feel from where you are coming. Our bodies change as the years go by, whatever it is that attacks us, and we have to find a way to cope with it. There are days when the energy fails to do what you should do, especially when the mind is still 100% there. I am so lucky to be able to count on Mr. Swiss, but he has his golden oldie problems as well and is not getting younger. I do not like depending on others, but there comes a time when you have no choice. Sometimes I feel myself so left on my own with all these problems. I am lucky for my oldest son. He might be autistic, but is strong and helpful for any manual work I need doing.

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          • Wishes that we have the strength to handle what we must as our health continues break down. I am afraid that the time has come that I need the help of others to do somethings. I have lots to be thankful #1, I can still walk

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  2. I so picture you whizzing around in your electric wheelchair and prodding people out of the way with your amazing walking stick. Do be careful, though. I am with you–there will be no sitting around doing nothing!

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      • That is absolutely true and the loneliest thing about this whole thing — your whole thing, my whole thing. I saw my doc, she had X-rays taken, I see the orthopedic guy in 3 weeks, but in the meantime, sometimes it hurts so bad I cannot sleep — like last night. It’s almost as if the cosmos says, “Whatever. Deal with it.” In fact, I think it does say that. I’m very sorry for your MS having taken you to this point. But I’m glad you are wise enough to recognize it. ❤

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        • I see my neurologist once a year to renew my perscription for the expensive injections I have to take, although he tells me to call him if I have problems. Of course I have problems, but he cannot cure me, so I deal with it. You take a medicine to get better, but there is no get well soon drug for MS, it is just slowed down. Apart from my aches and pains through falling, I am not too bad, but have realised I can no longer do what I want to do. I have to consider the others as well and so I decided on a wheel chair for now and again. It is no longer working at home, I feel like a prisoner. Whenever I go out to the garden for a quick photo, Mr. Swiss begins to worry and it is not a pleasant situation. I came up with the idea of a wheelchair and we both found it a good solution. It is not that I will be bound to the chair now forever, but I still have a choice. One day perhaps not, but I take things a step at a time, or better said a fall at a time. There is often pain that we really cannot express and I fell with you with your hip pain. It won’t go away and no drugs help, that is bad and weighs on the mind. My problem is fatigue and giddiness, but not always and I can live with it.

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          • I have seriously considered a scooter, but it would be impossible to get it up into the house. I’d need one INSIDE and another OUTSIDE and that’s a bit more than we can manage, especially since one seems more than we can manage right now. But they do make some nice ones. Kind of cute and I’ve drive a couple. They are actually kind of fun.


          • When I go to the place where they sell them I will have a look to see what they have for choices. They are very helpful people and give good advice. At the moment I need something for outside, but who knows how these things develop. I feel so uncertain with walking at the moment and don’t trust myself to go anywhere. I feel so frustrated not being able to do the stuff I usually do,


    • I always had problems falling in the past 20 years and a broken arm, twice, is one of the results. I must be very careful. Just an unexpected edge and I fall, the problem being that I cannot stand again under my own steam.


  3. First, on those bags — sometimes, you can take the “long tail” of the tie up thingie and wrap it around the top and tie it off. I’ve done that often because they do not always tighten the top of the bag enough, even when they are working correctly … and they often are not working correctly.

    I’ve been lucky. I have fallen entirely in places that aren’t so hard as to break me into smaller pieces. But I’m actually afraid of the stairs. Every time I have to go down, I have a swooshie feeling in my head that I’m about to fall. I go VERY slowly.

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    • Personally I think it was a faulty batch as it would be a backwards step to make them like this.
      I don’t have stairs but a few small steps which can be very dangerous if you put a foot wrong. One of my symptoms since many years is being giddy and just a small misstep can be bad if I land on the stone tiled floor.


  4. So sorry to hear this. It is a terrible thing to lose mobility. When Rebel Guy’s dad was in the hospital, we got him an all terrain scooter to get around the hospital in because he was too weak to operate a wheel chair and he smoked, so he had to get outdoors. It was one of the few things he enjoyed so who were we to argue?
    We had to make some changes, we added an IV pole to one side, got a basket, cup holder, and side mirrors. At Christmas, we hung a small stocking at the front, decorated the IV pole with greenery and lights.
    Had it not been for his continued mobility with this, he would have been miserable. Just seeing his smile was so nice.

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    • It’s the mobility I need. I can still walk ok but a bit insecure. Walking with support works, and I do not yet have to depend on a wheelchair to get around, but I want comfort to be able to participate in my hobbies and just reading a book is not my solution. Photography is one of my great loves, but balancing with a camera and suddenly losing my balance is becoming dangerous and I will not give up so I search for solutions. I will see what possibilities there will be, but I don’t think a scooter would solve my problem. I need to sit and relax. There is also stuff I like to do in the garden, not too much. Indoors I am ok. I can use my stick when necessary although I can still cook and do the housework without up to now. I just have to face up to the realities of the situation and the outside world is slowly becoming a dangerous place, especially with a camera 🙂


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