Daily Prompt: I prefer, but it is not important

Christmas Eve meal 24.12 (2)

“I prefer” no longer exists in my vocabulary, because it is not of interest. I discovered that when becoming a married woman with all the benefits of married life, there is a negative side. What you cook is for everyone, and not everyone has the same taste.

I was discussing the week-end menu with Mr. Swiss yesterday and I suggested entrecote for Sunday lunch, a nice slice of beef, which should be quite tender. He found that was a good idea, and you can serve it with noodles and a vegetable. Sorry, that is when it ends with me: a slice of beef with some herb butter served on a plate of pasta is not my idea of good. I like my good cut of beef served with fried potatoes. This time I more or less won, because my other half also happens to like it that way. I discovered some years ago that I do not cook for myself, but for everyone else.

“I prefer” does not come into the question, because I have to check what the others prefer. How many meals have I prepared where common acceptance and “one of my favourites” is said, when I only do it to keep the others happy. I so long one day to be able to cook moussaka. I very much like aubergine and served with sliced potatoes baked in the oven with all the trimmings would be one of my favourites I know it. Alas I am the only aubergine fan in the family, so I do not bother.

I have been married 48 years and taking a survey of my cooked meals during these years I realise I have been cooking for two sons and a husband and I also sit at the table, although that is just a side effect. I am cooking for the others. Ok, it is now one son as the other one moved on some time ago and is now married reproducing. He is quite a good cook actually. He would look in the cupboard at home, take a survey and cook something with all the ingredients I had. His speciality was spaghetti al carbonara, which Mr. Swiss loves. I do not like it: spaghetti cooked with bacon and egg – not my thing, but I love spaghetti with prawns and there again I am alone. You have to chew the prawns apparently.  Eventually I settle for spaghetti with mincemeat in a tomato sauce if I am cooking, becaue we all like it. Again my preference is not so important and is amalgamated into the other preferences.

As a housewife you are fighing a losing battle, and the word preference does not exist in your vocabulary. Eat a meal in a restaurant, and choose your own taste is the best solution but I prefer to relax after a meal in my own four walls, so I give up. My moussaka remains a phantom in my culinary imagination.

Daily Prompt: I prefer, but it is not important

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I prefer, but it is not important

    • Bravo. My husband often asks how do you do this or that, and shows interest. It is just our tastes that are different. He would be quite capable of existing on his own, and often did when I visited my dad in London every year. As the woman of the house I usually deal with the meals, but we compose the menue plan together.

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  1. How true. This reminds me of the other word that I despise compromise. Marriage is all about compromise and I love my husband and my marriage and my family, but I would rather forgo my wishes than compromise. At least one of us is getting what we wanted, sometimes its even me. Love your use of the word prefer.

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  2. As far as I am concerned, the best part of living with only Garry is that MOST of the time, I like the food. Mostly. We have a few differences, but since I do all the cooking and he likes to eat, he has modified them. Mostly.

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    • We have a few common denominators with food, but it is often give and take. My son eats more or less everything and when he is at the table there is rarely anything left


    • It’s not so much the meat, but what to cook with it. If I was alone at the table there would be no problem, but I have to cater for various tastes and what I like is not the main issue

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