JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

Dog 27.11.2016

“That is not a werewolf.”

“Of course it is, look at the way he is sniffing for a victim.”

“Werewolves are not white, they are ….. another colour.”

“Never hear of an albino werewolf? Werewolves are not exception.”

“But the sun is shining and genuine werewolves only appear on full moon nights.”

“That is the difference between you normal average werewolf and and albino werewolf, they come out when the sun shines.”

“And what about the blood soaked long teeth?”

“Are you really so stupid? Everyone knows that albino werewolves only drink milk.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

4 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Werewolf

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