Flower of the Day: 27.10.2017 Turmeric


I never thought of turmeric having a flower as I only knew the spice used in Indian food. The roots are similar to ginger and if you let them grow a flower appears. They were selling them for some time in the store, so I decided to buy one. It produced a few flowers and I still have the plant, but now just a few leaves. The Summer has now gone, but I will keep it to discover if anything happens next year.

Flower of the Day: 27.10.2017 Turmeric

13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 27.10.2017 Turmeric

  1. You are so lucky to be able to buy the flower where you live. I have been trying to get a tuber to grow my own for years! Not a single one can be found. They say we can’t grow it here. You can get dried, crushed,ground but nothing that will let you grow!

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  2. Wow, I have been wanting to get the culinary ginger for a while. Now I need to ask about turmeric too. Kahili ginger is the only common ginger here. The culinary gingers that I see in the Los Angeles area are supposedly not so tolerant of frost.

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