Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 25.10 (3)

There are misty days in my area. It happens every Autumn towards November and stays awhile. This photo was on the way to the store, and it was already 10.15 in the morning. On the way home the mist had began to clear and a sun was showing a faint yellow ball in the background. We all blame the river Aar which runs through everything, The afternoons are sunny and not even so cold.

Road to Langendorf 25.10 (14)

There is a building site as we are approaching the supermarket and even the cranes were enshrouded in mist. I cannot resist taking photos of those cranes since I have lived in my own building site for the past 7 months, they seem to follow me everywhere. This is a project which will result in appartment buildings in a natural setting of trees and greenery. It used to be a residential working classe area with appartments, Mr. Swiss lived there in his younger years. We watched them demolish the old appartment buildings as we travelled past, and now a couple of months later they have dug the foundations to the new building and are creeping up to the ground level. There are no longer men working in the cranes, they stand below with their remote controls and press the right buttons at the right time to do the work.

I had one of my spectacular accidents yesterday evening. We have one carpet in the appartment, the rest is floor tiles which suits me. I am not a carpet person really, they only collect dust. I was on my way from the kitchen to the next room and my foot decided to trip over the edge of the carpet. I am quite the perfect stunt person, turning and twisting as I go down to to spread the landing area, although when 84 Kilo of flesh, muscle and bones meet the floor, they do tend to hit the ground with an impact. I did a quick body check lying prone on the floor and discovered there were no strange cracking noses where the bones were placed and so I decided to sit. Standing does not come into the question, as that is something that my body no longer can do under its own steam. Of course Mr. Swiss came running, not knowing what he would find, but I was still breathing.

My main aim was to perhaps stand again on my own two legs, but I need support for that part of the job. I manoevered myself to a chair and son No. 1 and Mr. Swiss managed to lift me as far as the chair seat. The rest was easy peasy and after a while I could stand again under my own steam, with my cane of course. I carried on as normal, although did not feel so normal as usual. I even slept more or less OK, although I noticed with time that there were places that hurt that usually do not. Meeting a stone floor does not go without bruises in places you did not even realise you had.
Autumn Trees 25.10 (1)

Today I am not going anywhere or doing anything strenuous, just a few windows to clean, but that is no longer as difficult as it was when I was fighing my battle with building dirt. Yesterday we got our new sun blinds, and they are not as bad as I thought they would be. They are dull green and somehow remind me of the days of the DDR, East Germany under communist rule, when all the furniture in all the houses looked the same, boring and nothing special. Even my Autumn trees brighten up the day more.

And now to move on to other things, my vacuum cleaner is waiting impatiently for its daily walk around the appartment. Enjoy the day or night and be careful as you walk, especially if you have carpets – they often have evil intentions with the human body.

Autumn Trees 25.10 (2)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I know the opera quite well. Never actually seen the opera but listened to it on records. The full opera takes 6 hours to perform, although it is usually not performed in the full length.

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  1. The day before yesterday, I crashed to the floor too. It must be that time of year. I didn’t trip over a dog or a toy or anything. I just got my feet caught in the rug and down I went. Garry offered to help me up, but his shoulder is out and i was afraid he’d hurt himself worse, so I did that roll around until you finally feel your knees under you, then up to crawling level, that use something sturdy — coffee table — to haul self up. Very slowly up.

    I seem to have come out of it achy but otherwise, no worse broken than I was before. I’m glad I took the fall IN THE HOUSE and not outside.

    Our feet get tangled. I made the mistake of wearing shoes in the house. I usually wear socks with some kind of rubbery stuff on the bottom so they don’t slip. Shoes get me into even MORE trouble.

    I hope you are faring better now. our rug is so stupidly small — just just a 4′ by 6′ area rug … but it trips me up at least three or four times a year. At least the floor under it is wood and not cement.

    I literally feel your pain.

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    • Those carpets can be really dangerous. I always have shoes on at home, but they are ok. This time my foot was caught in the edge and I went down. It took Mr. Swiss on the right and my oldest son on the left arm to pull me up to a chair. I was lucky I did not break anything, but had some bruising on my ribs which was uncomfortable for sleeping. I also have the socks with the rubber soles. Perhaps I should wear them more. The last time I fell out of the house I broke my arm. My one big fear is falling and hitting my head somewhere.


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