23 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Rounded

    • The Kanton of Solothurn, where I live, is not exactly complete Swiss tourist territory, but we have our fare share and it is a lovely place for hikes and walks.


  1. Not to complicate your life, but due to my admiration of some of your photos , have you considered trying to sell them for calendars or even giving them for local projects. This photo is grand. It would make a great photo for a monthly calendar or such. Hugs

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    • It is tempting, but is like the book I never bothered to write, although I did write one once, but only in self publishing and I am too lazy. My photos will one day be floating around in a cyber world with no owner, although I have them all on my computer and two hard disks. I leave them to fate.

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    • You have done more than me. I would love to do it, but unfortunately my long walking days are over due to MS. When the kids were smaller we often spent a day in the Jura taking scenic walks.


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  3. How cool! I’ve heard there’s a scaled model of the Solar System in Sweden as well, with the sun & some planets in Stockholm, and others further out as you go looking up to Pluto. It’s on my list of things to do 😉

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