JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

Moon 24.10 (3)

This is yesterday’s moon, just a wedge of cheese, nothing spectacular. Mr. Swiss called me, he was on the porch and it was getting dark.

“Come quickly with your camera, you can take a photo of the moon.”

I obeyed and grabbed my organised camera with the zoom lens. There was no point in taken the photo of a miniature bite of the cheese when you could get a mouthfull. Unfortunately I did not have my tripod ready, it was in the cellar and I do not bother with them – too much messing around although the photo quality is better I know. Nice sharp edges. I am more for point and shoot and this photo is the result. It got a bit shaky at the edges, but I am a golden oldie and 70 years is not longer a good age for being still and exact, you tend to shake now and again.

Of course a nice full moon with all the craters and whatever would be perfect, but you will have to do with this.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

3 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Moon

  1. I think you do not give yourself as much credit as you deserve for this picture. The ragged dark to light part of the moon is a great part of the photo and it adds greatly to the mood imagined. Hugs

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    • Thanks. I see so many moon photos on the web, some by online colleagues that are almost profi photographers, that I always feel a bit insignificant and to add, I am a lazy photographer – more luck than judgement 🙂

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