Daily Prompt: With my head in the clouds


My little parcel  arrived today. It was quite small and Mr. Swiss was again thinking what is her newest idea. I was in the throws of cooking lunch and really did not have time to rip open my parcel to see what goodies it contained. I like to do these things with care.

I am now a full member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I was thinking about it for some time. I take so many cloud photos but I always like to know more. Why do our clouds arrive in different shapes and sizes, how high is a cloud, and what are they made of? I discovered the web site some time ago, and ordered a book about clouds written by the guy who runs the site.

At first I was only there for the fun and did not really want to become a fully fledged member. Gradually I was walking around pointing my camera at the sky and mostly holding my head up high. As a golden oldie I did not really want to join the society, although the goodies I would get were interesting. Eventually I took the plunge and today I received a very nice certificate with my name and nembership number and the date I joined.

A Cloud Selector was also included which I found a great help. Instead of now turning pages in my book to see if I was looking at a cumulus, stratocumulus, cirrus etc.  I only had to find the picture on my circular selector and read the name. There is even information on the height of the cloud, a description of what to look for and if you can expect to get rain. If I turn the dial to the reverse side I find a section of “The Other Clouds”. I am becoming a cloud collector. I have approximately 200 photos of clouds and it is growing. My next project is to name them according to their type. It will keep me busy in the Winter evenings..

And of course not to mention the badge showing proudly that I appreciate clouds. Members are all over the world, about 44,000, and I am now one of the 325 Swiss members.

I have had many trademarks  in my past. I was once interested in find where my family came from, but after discovering 980 ancestors and collecting various birth, marriage and death certificates, things got a little boring. I had a complete family tree with dates. I now knew where I came from, was not so sure where I was going.

My trade mark is also carrying a camera of sorts wherever I go, but photos can repeat themselves. Clouds never repeat themselves, they only live for a maximum of 10 minutes usually, so you have to strike whilst the cloud arrives in the sky. And now I just had to pop outside with my camera, I noticed an interesting cloud passing by and did not want to miss it.

Clouds 21.10 (9)

Daily Prompt: With my head in the clouds

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: With my head in the clouds

  1. After a long(ish) absence from all blogs I now have come back to this beauty and great news! Congratulations – you caught a beauty here! Just don’t fall because you have become a Guck-in-die-Luft! 🙂

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  2. Actually, I think that’s pretty cool. I went through a meteorological period in my life where I looked up everything about weather and clouds and pressure systems. I got into how different parts of ocean keep some places much warmer than they would be — like America’s northwest and Ireland, which ought to be much colder, but the warm ocean currents keep them from freezing.

    I didn’t know there was a whole society for this stuff.

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    • Apparently the guy that runs the society once gave a lecture about clouds, saying he would be founding a society. It was a success from the beginning. It is all over the world and he has written a couple of books on the subject, one of which I also have. I was looking for something new to take photos and somehow discovered the clouds. One thing lead to another and I am now a complete enthusiast. It is the beauty of the clouds and their variations that interests me.


  3. You wear that pin very well, and the photo of the clouds is beautiful! The Cloud Society should know they have a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer within their midst. Yes, I am sure your award is lost in the post somewhere….

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