Good Morning

Scaffolding removal

They’re here in the famous words of the Poltergeist film from Steven Spielberg, but these have not arrived from the dark side, although who knows. May the trumpets sound and heavently choirs sing, the demolitian men have arrived. After seven months of living behind a steel construction, known as scaffolding, today is the big day. It is being removed.


It can only get better. We now have one of the scaffolding removal men standing in our garden, yes in our garden and he is catching the various poles and metal parts  being thrown froim above. Can this be true, is it really disappearing for ever. When I saw the worker my exclamation was “Wow” and he found that quite amusing. Perhaps because I was smiling, it is unbelievable. And they are doing the job quickly. The guy on the top floor is throwing poles to the guy below, one after the other.

To be quite honest we never actually believed it would happen today, just another story to keep us happy, but they are fast workers. I am sure, hoping, almost convinced, that the oppressive metal cage will be no more at the end of the day. But there will be no more photos at the end of the day. I will have to visit other buildings sites perhaps, or back to nature.

Autumn Leaves 22.10 (9)

Talking of nature, I took a short walk on the path of my surroundings yesterday to document the fallen leaves. Yes, they were there covering every space available. Yesterday was the last sunny, dry day as today the rains have arrived. I noticed that my garden was also full of these leaves, and they do not go away on their own unfortunately. It looks like it is sweeping time again and I really have better things to do.


In the meanwhile we are surrounded by the noise of falling metal and calls from the builders. The removal is progressing and the top floor is almost completed within just an hour. It is raining, but they battle on. If this continues we will be back to almost normal in the evening. What a shame I have other things to do. I would love to stay here today and just watch and take photos.

Today is a shopping day, and I have other duties, although in between there will be photos I am sure. I even recognise the scaffolding builders, they are the guys that appeared 7 months ago to build the scaffolding. They are the guys I am please to see again.

Enjoy your day and celebrate with me, “The Day the Scaffolding disappeared”.

Clouds 21.10 (6)

Can you see it, the finger reaching through the cloud, it is an omen, a promise that life goes on, despate the invasion of the building oppressors.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. And when gone you will see the full color of the building. Has the color grown on you yet? do you think you will like the walls that color with nothing to distract from it? Hugs

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    • Instalments will follow – wait until we get the new sun blind, but put on your shades before you look. The colour is a very light green, has something very fresh about it as long as it stays clean. At the moment we are still getting used to it. They still have a wall to paint at the edge of our territory and that will be a shade darker it seems.

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