7 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Snow

    • It can happen so quickly. We might get the first snow second half November, but that is only an ouverture. The main arrival is end of the year and can continue on and off until March.

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      • I barely experienced snow when I went to Oklahoma at the end of 2012. (I thought that I would finally get to see what a ‘real’ winter was like, but we left before it happened.) The snow was only about an inch and a half deep, but it did not melt! After two days or so, I could see why people who live with it dislike it so much. It is cold, and wet, and messy, and slippery, and everywhere! Ick!

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    • We have had a beautiful month of sunny Autumn weather and now temperatures have dropped combined with rain and snow on the higher slopes of the mountains. How quick it can happen and I am thinking of moving my winter jacket from storage.


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