Good Morning

Morning Clouds

I think I have now done my preliminaries. Chopped the bread from yesterday to keep the crows and magpies happy outside and taken a look at the morning sky to see what to expect for daily weather. Yesterday evening we had strong winds and rain, but after an hour it was over. We were supposed to have rain starting yesterday, but it has been postponed until tomorrow it seems. In the meanwhile we still have sunny afternoons warm enough to sit outside without a jacket.

Plane 21.10 (2)

My highlight at the moment is to manage a shot of a plane as it flies over. I got this propeller plane yesterday. It was probably on a local flight from a smaller airport somewhere. This morning I heard a jet overhead, but saw nothing. Mr. Swiss said it was probably a long distance flight to the States as they fly higher than the rest. What an exciting life I lead.

And that’s that. Sunday is never really a big deal. I will be putting my veal dish into the oven soon and let it cook throughout the morning. I will have a few bits and pieces to iron, just a five minute job and otherwise a usual boring Sunday morning. I should really get out more, but the days are getting shorter and it is already dark in the early evening. Next week it seems my missing hour will be found again when we alter our clocks.

I will leave you with my asters from the garden which are still flowering as the last greeting before Winter arrives.  Have a good Sunday.

Asters 21.10 (2)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I noticed with horror that I have a collection of dead leaves in my front garden amidst the dying plants. Someone will have to clear that all away and I really do not feel like it at the moment. The asters are the only living things at the moment.


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