Daily Prompt: Let me Out

Entrance to remand prison, Solothurn

A photo of the local remand prison is always a good symbol for not being released. It is at the beginning of the path to the local hospital. If you happen to be an inmate in the hospital, as I was once, you can hear the prisoners calling through the windows to their wives and girlfriends who wait outside in the evenings for a word from those that are not released. It is alarming to hear it when laying in a hospital bed, but I eventually got used to it. Of course it is not allowed, but it happens regularly.

I am no longer inspired by the Daily Prompt Words. I see a word and should write something about it. I am not locked in anywhere, so how come I must write about being released. Do you really want to hear about being released from my schooldays. I have written about that so often it even bores me.

Entering a working life – another 40-50 years of doing things you have to do. That is also now behind me, but I never felt that I was imprisoned. I had to live and so I was paid to do a job. Food costs money. Now I am really on my own. I get a monthly pension, can do what I want and when I want. Oh, just a minute, I have a doctor’s appointment this week, I have to visit the store for food. I have a meal to cook, and the garden needs looking after.

And life is now one big holiday, because I am free, although my sickness insurance has to be paid. There are a few other bills that should be organised and now I have got a new credit card because the other one is expiring: no problem. Dates of expiry should be altered, but it can all be dealt with by computer if I find the place where I have to do it.

You are never really released from anything, there is always something that should be done. But one day there will be nothing more to do, it will be over. I will at last be released from everything I have to do and only do what I want to do, although then it will be too late, because there will be nothing left that you have to do. The others will do it for you, like I did it for those that were released from their burdens.

Daily Prompt: Let Me Out

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Let me Out

  1. I just skipped it. I had a lot of pictures to process and to write without any kind of inspiration seemed silly … so I just didn’t do it. Sometimes, the word reminds me of something I want to say, but as often as not, it’s pretty dull. Maybe the words are dull or maybe the whole “one word” prompt is just not that exciting.


    • One word prompt is OK but there are too many words and I often have no inspiration. Who wants to listen to a golden oldie and her old fashioned ideas on life.


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