Good Morning


Mr. Swiss said today we have clouds, knowing that I would be happy for a few photos in the morning and I was. Of course a blue sky is always a promise of good weather, but not very interesting. Today we have a nice mixture. In the distance the sun making a nice glow and otherwise a mixture of grey with some blue poking through. Our weather prophets did forecase that rain would be on its way, but only at the week-end. In the meanwhile I enjoy the clouds.

I decided to take the plunge yesterday and joined the other  325 Swiss members of the Cloud Appreciation Society and paid an annual subscription, The general world membership is around 42,000 so I am not alone.


In the meanwhile I decided to treat myself to something completely different for breakfast. Mr. Swiss and I both get points from our bank, nothing special and you would have to be a millionaire to be able to exchange them for something worthwhile. I do not really understand their system, but we get a few goodies by belonging. So are the Swiss banks, co-operative to the last Swiss Franc. However, now and again we get free honey, which does not need so many points and this morning I decided to indulge. My diabetes was not so happy about this decision, but I did not really ask. I like being a sweet person. Mr. Swiss and I have the same GP and on his last visit to the doctor she asked about checking my blood again as she has not seen me for some time. I think he did a few “ums” and “aahs”, and assured her that I do test my blood now and again. I suppose I should pay her a visit to keep her blood testing instruments happy as my tests are usually more in beetween when I get round to it. The life of a golden oldie is so full of stress.

So what shall I do today? I have a few windows to clean, but no big deal, just a wipe over. Since our builders have left us we no longer have the dirt and dust or the noise. It is not yet perfect, as the scaffolding will only be removed next week, but we can relax. We now realise the stress the whole operation brought us. The first phase was the worst when they were removing the old insulation with their peumatic chisels. Afterwards  came the renewel of the layers and now things are more or less stressless. The painters were no great problem as paint brushes do not make noise and they were very fast and efficient with the work. It was the lost summer of our lives never to be forgotten, that is why I took almost 1000 photos of the whole process.

And as Autumn continues to show its clothing of many colours, I will move on to the responsibilities of daily life, together with Mr. Swiss who is busy changing the bed linen, although I did my own duvet and pillow covers.

Enjoy the day, take it easy, and if you are bored, just look up to the clouds. They never get bored.

Autumn 18.20 (2)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. No, there will be no party, at least not to share with the others. I did not vote for this and do not want to celebrate. The golden oldies like us saw the stupidity of the complete renovations, which was really not necessary to the extent it was done. And the others either do not live here and only rent the flat, or have too much money on their bank accounts. I have lost a complete summer of my life and no party will compensate that.


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