JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood


“Oh Morticia, blood sausage, my favourite.”

“Dracky you deserve a treat now and again. Since people have begun to walk around with garlic in their pockets and wearing a cross around their neck, you have been losing weight. The daily flights to the blood bank are such a strain on your wings, and their blood quality is not so good.”

“They even shut the window at the blood bank in the evening and I have to knock on the window for them to invite me to enter. They usually scream vampire and hold a cross up to the window and I fall off the window ledge in shock. No wonder my hair is turning grey .”

“Oh I see, that is why you are using my black hair dye.”

“Sorry Morticia, but there is no consideration for the needs of a vampire today. But now I have a wonderful meal of blood sausage. Did you get them from the basement of the cemetery.”

“Not exatly Dracky. The had a special offer in the supermarket as it will soon be halloween, but they assured me they were fresh. Shall I cook them, or do you prefer them raw.”

“Morticia, what a silly question. I like to savour every drop of blood from the last squeeze of my teeth. Are they imported sausages, or local.”

“Of course they a local Dracky. We don’t want any foreign rejects.”


“I asked, but the butcher refused to answer and just stared at me. A woman pointed her fingers and uttered a curse. Just try them Dracky, they were the best I could get, oh and Happy Halloween”

“A Happy Halloween to you as well my lovely.”

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Blood

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