Good Morning

Clouds A 17.10 (5)

This was yesterday evening. We were getting one of those photographic sunsets and a plane appeared to finalise the photo. This morning there are no clouds, not even a moon, not to mention a plane. What is the point of havig a sky with no clouds, especially since I am learning all about them. This could  be a cirrus cloud, although I am only a beginner. I know it is definitely not a cumulus, because there are no apparent cauliflour shapes. Why I decide to learn new things at my age I do not know. I have now decided to join the Cloud Appreciation Society, I could do more stupid things I suppose.

Road to Solothurn 17.10 (14)

Yesterday they let me out for a trip to the local town of Solothurn. No. 1 son needed a new mobile phone and Mr. Swiss accompanied him. I just went along for the ride and left Mr. Swiss to it for a while. I was busy taking a few photos. This is the main street of the town with the St. Urs Cathedral at the end. On the right you can see the Jesuit church. My No. 2 son was a member of the boys choir with his unbroken voice and I would often attend a few concerts in the churches. Although our area is principally Roman Catholic, they accept everything in the choir. We are basically Swiss Reform Church, but the choir is ecumenical so it makes no difference, as long as you can sing. The sun was shining and it was very warm, almost late Summer weather.

Road to Solothurn 17.10 (13)

There was also a street musician in town and he was playing bandoneon type music in the Argentian style of Astor Piazolla and he was really good. If you sat outside on a street café and closed your eyes you could imagine you were in Buenos Aires.

Road to Solothurn 17.10 (33)

Our Chestnut House had also returned to the market place in town, meaning that the cold winter days are not so far away. The chestnuts grow in the Italian part of Switzerland and since I have lived in the town, almost 50 years. it is always the same family that sells them. They are now in the second generation, that I know, although perhaps it goes even further back in time. One of our Solothurn traditions.

Both Mr. Swiss and I were worn out with walking around the town, we are no longer used to this stress and were both glad to arrive home again where we had a surprise. Our remaining builders had been busy. The outside steps had now been finished, with their edges and the white covers over the outside tiles had all been removed. We now have a situation how it used to be before the mess and noise began.

We also have our complete blind organisation, but with a difference. The new blinds are OK, really, no problem, but the insulation on the walls of our building is thicker making an overall bigger appearance of the building and keeping everything nice and warm. Sleeping with closed blinds is no longer as pleasant as it was, far too warm and no fresh air. After two days with the new blind experience we have realised we do not really need them. We had organised the curtain stripes for all the windows when they removed the blinds and they do a perfect job. So the blinds are not really being used except for our kitchen, because it is easier for our cat to enter and leave through her own private door. If we have storm and tempest they will be useful for covering the windows to keep the rain away.

When I returned home yesteday I wanted to catch up on my blogging. The first entry was OK, but as I was preparing my second blog WordPress told me it could not be saved. Been there before, so I continued and then it would not upload my blog. I checked on my other Internet stations and nothing was working. Mr. Swiss checked the modem which was OK, but then he also had no connection to the outside stations on his computer. I made the most of lost time by uploading my photos. After an hour Switzerland had solved its online problem and everything was working again as if nothing happened. I still do not know why this was. I only know I was stuck on my computer until mid evening yesterday.

And now to continue with daily life. We will be on safari in the supermarket this morning to replenish our empty shelves. Have fun, see you around.

Reeds 17.10 (1)
Photo from my garden

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