Daily Prompt: Bravery at the Steering Wheel

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 19.01 (11)

They are lurking everywhere, waiting for an innocent person like me to make a mistake, but I have fooled them all, because if  I enter a car it is on the passenger side. I was a late starter  and was 36 years old when I took the driving test. It was a long job, and I almost gave up in between. Even my instructor had doubts. but we still greet each other today if we meet in the supermarket. He survived me so I suppose I should congratulate him. I had a total of approximately 90 driving lessons, which almost deserves an entry in the Guiness Book of Records. However, I still have my driving licence today, although I no longer really drive.

Everyone thought a miracle had happened when I passed the test the first time and at last I had a licence to kill drive. When I was a working woman I did not have a big choice, and had my own car. With time Mr. Swiss and I became golden oldies and only needed one car for various shopping safaris. I now had a chauffeur, so why drive a car. After half a year as a passenger Mr. Swiss found I should drive now and again otherwise I might forget how it works. I was quite happy sitting in the passenger seat.

When I became 70 years old I had to take a driving intelligence test to see if my body was still qualified to grip a steering wheel. I was driving now and again, but only if I had to and suddenly everyone began to encourage me to drive again. In the meanwhile I had been diagnosed with MS, but even my neurologist found it would be important for me to keep my driving licence and so I reported to my doc for the golden oldie test.  Of course I passed. It was all ablout putting a cross in the right place on the form. I was supposed to walk backwards in a straight line, but we left that one, because I could not even walk forwards in a straight line.

Eventually I was finished and everyone clapped and said I could keep my driving licence. I still drive today, but only when necessary. Mr. Swiss can do it much better than I can. I am now the emergency driver. I told my neurologist that I have difficulties with my left foot and leg. He found that as I was driving an automatic car I did not need anything left of my body because I would brake with my right foot and did not have to change gears. What a lovely man.

Today I really only drive if absolutely necessary. I do not like or enjoy driving, and prefer to take photos from the passenger seat.

This photo is posed for the camera. I am standing next to door on the passenger side of the car.

Me and car

Daily Prompt: Bravery at the Steering Wheel

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Bravery at the Steering Wheel

  1. I rarely drive either, but when I do, I’m surprised that I don’t feel like I ever stopped. I don’t really enjoy it anymore. I used to enjoy driving, but I’m not sure if anyone is really having fun at it these days. Between the distracted drivers, the super slow drivers, the crazy fast drivers … and the ones who are either texting or drinking (it can be hard to tell the difference) who wants to be out there?

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    • I also realised that once I am again behind the steering wheel,I do everything automatically. The main problem for me is that they are rebuiding and altering roads going in different directions and I am not so good at that. I know all the bad driving problems, Mr. Swiss finds that lady drivers are not no good, older people should not be driving (he will be 78 on 21st October) and the rest are idiots. You know how it goes.


  2. What a great photo, Pat. With this plate and all the screws in my neck, my mobility is reduced by a good 80%. I drive to work but my husband does all the driving when the two of us go anywhere. It is too nerve-wracking for me not being able to look around like I used to.

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