Good Morning


With all these blue skies and sun we are not getting any clouds which makes the morning sky quite a boring scene or my camera. I have now received my book from Amazon “The Cloudspotters Guide” and am beginning to realise that clouds are not just clouds. Even the little fluffy ones, the cumulus, have their relations according to how high and how wide. However, the clouds in my photo are the leftovers from a few passing planes, although in background there are traces of cumulus mediocris radiatus perhaps – could of course also be the melting traces of a few planes. I am slowly getting there and might even join the society. I would then have a badge to wear.

In the meanwhle we are overwhelmed with visitors from various building troops. We now have blinds on our windows, that work, but I noticed I have to get used to them. After having 7 months of only curtain stripes, which were a very good solution, we are now into heavy metal. I spent my first night yesterday in complete darkness and am not sure about it. Before the renovations began it was normal. A problem is that no fresh air circulation is available, although when I have a good temperature, everyone else seems to freeze.  We (actually I) have decided that the blinds will not be fully closed in the bedroom. Otherwise all the windows now have blinds, but we keep them up during the day.

Light 16.10 (2)

In the afternoon we had another visitor. I could here Mr. Swiss having a conversation and lo and behold, let there be light and there was light. No, it was not a visitor from above, but the electrician. Only yesterday morning Mr. Swiss mentioned in a very negative comment, if and when the electicians would be arriving. We now have a functioning plug outside on the porch. I missed having an electric point outside during the summer as I like to iron outside in the fresh air. Now I can do it again outside, although Winter is not really the time to iron outside in the minus temperatures.

However, parallel to this, our lamp now functions. This is one of those lamps with the built in motion sensor to detect unwanted movements at night. Unfortunately it also detects any flying objects, such as months, and also our cat who often takes an evening walk. Sometimes the light reacts when there is no apparent reason, although it might be a mosquito or perhaps a spider. The main thing is it now functions as it used to. I was pleasantly surprised, as after 6-7 months without this lamp, I did not expect it to work again.

And now to get back to reality and the real world. There is a bathroom to clean and other housewife details to deal with. May the sun shine on you and be careful of falling leaves, they can get quite agressive at this time of the year. I will leave you with a few Autumn decorations seen in the local store.

Miniature Gourds

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We vacuumed and changed the covers on the sofas and swept and cleaned counters and now, finally, it’s time for coffee.The leaves are almost gone from our maple, but the oaks are mostly still green. We too have a bright blue cloudless sky and it’s quite chilly this morning … but word is that it is going to warm up again soon.

    Glad your lamp works. Our hallways lamp works sometimes, doesn’t a other times. I think it is on the last few hours of its final remaining bulb. The tall son needs to come by and change the bulbs. Our shortness prevents it. How sad.

    But you should be almost at the goal line with your repairs and reconstruction and rebuilding. Yay for you!!

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    • We have leather chairs, made in Norway known as Stressless, so no covers to change. As our appartment is “only” 20 years old it is quite up to modern standards. We have stone tiled floors with floor heating and just a daily wipe over with my special mop. We still have leaves on the trees, but more on the ground I am now dilligently reading my Cloudspotters Guide, and discovered that clouds are not just clouds. Even the fluffy ones are in various categories. We have plenty of sun at the moment and in the afternoons you can still walk around in shorts and short sleeves.
      I was surprised that the lamp worked so well. We have to get the electrician to change the bulb as we need a ladder or stand on the table. It is not so much a question of height, but more of balance.
      Yes we are on the home run, I feel at home almost again.


  2. Ew! Those cucumbers look WEIRD! There is a native one here like the bright green one on the left, but it is not edible, with big seeds. It also has a huge root that I might write about soon.

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