Daily Prompt: A risky visit to town

Solothurn cobbles

A few thousand years ago there was a Roman holiday and the Romans  came to Switzerland. There were no tunnels through the alps so they had to walk over the top in their leather sandals. They probably had frostbite if they were wearing their togas. Perhaps they had a few sheepskins.

They eventually arrived in Switzerland and for some reason they decided to stay and even form a few settlements. One of them was a town they called Solodorum, which today is known as Solothurn and is a five minute drive along the road from my village. Today we decided to walk in the steps of the Romans and pay a visit to this town. Mr. Swiss has walking problems due to his back and I walk with a cane.

Actually the purpose behind the visit was to organise a smartphone for No. 1 son. He still had one of the original mobile phones. It was working OK, but you had to use a magnifying glass to read the screen. Mr. Swiss and I parted after the car was parked as I would be slowing everyone down with my pace and I had my camera with me, taking photos of what the Romans left behind. Of course we have modernised the town since their visit, or did we?

This is the risky bit. I am not a super walker, but I can do it – no problem. However about 20 years ago our town authorities decided to do it like the Romans. We have no traffic in the old town of Solothurn, only for bringing goods and delivering hotel guests. The rest is walking. So back to the authorities and their bright idea. The Romans did it their own way and we decided to do a modern copy. All roads in the old town are now the proud possessors of cobblestones. I do not wear high heels on my shoes, I am tall enough, which would be an advantage. If you happen to have feet that do not fit the stones, you feel every edge and circular surface of these wonderful lookalike Roman cobbles. You might even trip on the edge of a stone.

Today I survived, although there were a few near accidents. I caught up with Mr. Swiss in the telephone place and son No. 1 was now the proud possessor of a new mobile iPhone 7. The guy in the shop even organised it all for him. The next obstacle will be to show him how to do it. He might be autistic, but he is quite good at working things out. He is the best furniture builder if we get a flat pack. Whilst we are till working it out and searching for the missing screws, he has already assembled the foundations of the cupboard or whatever it is to build, We tend to do the work by uttering profanities, but he remains silent and concentrated.

After purchasing the phone we parted ways. I offered to carry the bag with the phone home for him as he wanted to stay in town. He insisted on keeping it himself. I am sure he has no problem with understanding this new masterpiece of technology.

After a refreshment Mr. Swiss and I continued on our way to the car, which was not easy, after battling our way over cobblestones. Did those Romans have a secret recipe for making leather sandals? Perhaps they shaped the soles of their shoes according to the size and shape of the cobbles or perhaps their feet were cobble shaped. Photo: an original from the afternoon walk.

Daily Prompt: A risky visit to town

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A risky visit to town

  1. I think the Romans were pretty smart. I no longer have the photo, but their paving stones were larger and they placed them at 45 degree angles so they were easy to walk on. I didn’t see them in CH, though. I saw them in Verona and maybe the Romans had changed their style…

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    • Our town was founded by the Romans, but over the years it changed hands and feet quite a lot, and is actually known as a baroque town, whatever that is. It was the local authorities that decided on cobblestones. If only they had asked me.

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    • I am glad as well. It is always a uncertainty when I go out. Mr. Swiss told No. 1 son if he has problems with his new phone to ask mum (me) because she has the routine better. At last recognition for my telephone skills.

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  2. If you want to break an ankle, cobblestones are the way to go. We have cobblestones in the older parts of Boston … and much of Jerusalem was also cobbled by the Romans. They sure did know how to make roads that LAST. The old Roman roads in Israel were in better shape than the new ones. I don’t know what they did, but we should do it too … but please. Without cobblestones.

    Seriously, I have taken more serious falls on those streets than anywhere else and i don’t mean just recently, but even when I was a LOT younger. My foot slips between the stones and I go over like an old piece of statuary. It’s the ONLY place where I know I have to wear hard-soled shoes!

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    • I am sure the Romans had stronger bones than we did, must have been something in their diet, perhaps they ate the bones in the meat as well. Our roads are perfect without cobblestones. I don’t know why they use them in places where no traffic is allowed. I was in slow motion today.

      Falling is one problem, but getting up again is the bad part of it, because I can no longer do it, unless there is a strong healthy man around that know the magic grip. Wearing leather soled shoes is no good, it is an invite to slip on the stone.


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