Good Morning

Autumn Hosta

Autumn has reached my garden, my hostas have now got their Autumn colours and their days are numbered. They are saying the long goodbye. They turn yellow/brown and eventually begin to droop until they are lying flat on the ground. I bide my time and wait until some time in November. All I have to do is pull on the leaves and they are removed. They disappear into the garden garbage can and are collected by the local bin men. It is an easy and quick job for me. I will miss them, but next Spring they appear again with the fresh new shoots and  a few weeks later they have returned.

In the meanwhile we have had a busy morning. I was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast and suddenly saw movement  in front of the window. “Good Morning” said the painter and then apologised for the “shock” I had. What a life this is. I rapidly disappeared to put on a dressing gown, although I was looking quite decent in my pale blue nightdress with the cat symbol on the front. The painter did what he had to do, cleaning our garden cupboard door that still had some small remainders of white pant.

I continued preparing breakfast and there was a ring at the door. It was not the postman, he always rings twice, and 8.00 am was too early. Mr. Swiss opened the door and it was the winder team for our new blinds. We were glad they were early, as we depart for the supermarket this morning. It is a young lady and man who are now busy giving us our blinds back. They have been missing since April when the building was  taken over by the builders. We are slowly getting our lives back.

New Blinds

The new blinds are the same as the old ones, but the winders have been improved on and we also noticed that when we raise the blinds they no longer make such a clanking noise. We had one small problem with the work.


Our miniature tiger was relaxing on a bed and then came the workers to fix the blinds. They found her a sweet little cat, Tabby was not in a sweet mood, decided this was an intrusion in her private realm and made for the door. She was last seen seeking refuge beneat the armchair in the living room and sulking.

Otherwise it looks like the job of fitting the blinds is a quick thing and in half an hour it should be finished. It really seems strange to have our home back again. Where there are blinds there is a comfort zone, no burning sun rays and privacy from prying eyes.

And now to move on. I have had an unpredendented delay with all these visits from the working troop and I should be in my normal housewife routine. Have fun, see you around I hope, but later.

Kalanchoe 14.10 (1)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your poor garden will have the winter to recover. Tabby may take longer. My Polly hates strangers in the house too and always hides if anyone comes except for my sister who she has decided that she likes.

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    • The gardners have to organise our garden to how it was before the building began, but whether it will be possible I don’t know. Tabby is only comfortable with the people she knows, otherwise she prefers to avoid encounters of the third kind.


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