One Word Photo Challenge: Landscape

M - Rumisberg

I live in landscape, but landscape is not always landscape. You have to avoid the buildings that are being planted in places that really belong to the trees and the cows, but there are still some places left. We visited the village of Rumisberg. It is not so far, but combined with an ascent to the village on a one track road where you hope that a tractor does not meet you on the way it can take a while. It was worth it eventually with the view across the fields to the distant mountain peak of the Jura. Even the sky decided to show itself from its dramatic perspective.

One Word Photo Challenge: Landscape

7 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Landscape

    • They are the Jura which begins just behind our village. There are seven chains and they stretch to the Swiss border. They are not the big ones, but the high hills, although they have their fair share of snow in Winter.


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