Daily Prompt: The Ascending Wonderplant

This is my avocado: it is a wonder of ascent, and it began as a pit from an avocado bought in the local supermarket. We do not live in Israel or any other warm climate. I live in Switzerland, the country of apple trees, and in some warmer parts, the apricot trees. We even have cherry trees, but no avocado trees. The do not like Winter, they would freeze.

I added my avocado, bought in the supermarket, to my prawn salad. I removed the skin and chopped it into small cubes and mixed it with the prawns in the salad sauce. I was left with the pit, stone or whatever: a big brown thing. I was intrigued and decided to grow it. Jack’s mother grew beans and they made such big stalks that Jack climbed them and arrived in the sky. I think there was something about a chicken laying golden eggs, but that is another story.

This all happened 2-3 years ago. I had suspended my avocado pit over an egg cup full of water. I had read some do-it-yourself advice in Intenet about not letting the bottom of the pit dry out, and to use toothpicks to suspened the pit over the water. I even added my own idea of covering the pit with an upturned cup to encourage roots, if any appeared, After a couple of months there were roots and the pit split in the middle. I then saw a pale green stalk growing from the middle. Eureka I thought, I will soon have my first avocado tree. Of course I replanted it in a pot with earth and the adventure began.

The avocado began to grow, it was early summer, warm outside and I placed it in the garden. It loved my garden and I was the proud possessor of a very long stalk with some leaves at the top. Of course there would be a problem with the icy, snowy days of Winter, but our appartment was equipped with central heating and so the avocado lead a sheltered indoor life in Winter.

In the meanwhile I had a second avocado growing, although still in the raw form.

This summer was not a good one for growing potted plants outdoors, because we were under a siege from the builders and my pots somehow were not exactly neglected, but disappeared. The days are getting colder and so I brought avocado No. 1 back to the warm indoors and noticed that not only had it grown, but was developing branches.  I had repotted it twice already.

In the meanwhile avocado No. 2 is slowly ascending. This is a year younger than the first one, so has not yet realised its purpose in its plant life. And of course we have the two new members of the family suspended over their water rations since a couple of weeks. My prawn salad with chopped avocado is becoming popular, especially if served with toast and butter and I just cannot throw those pits away. I had no more spare egg cups so had to suspend one over a small glass dish.

I have the first avocado farmer in Switzerland.

Daily Prompt: The Ascending Wonderplant

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Ascending Wonderplant

    • I have grown a lot in the past. I tried citrus and discovered that the grapefruit grows best of all. I have a chestnut tree in a pot in the garden since 15 years and this year it had its first flower. I grew it from a chestnut. There is a lot of luck to it and to keep the balance with the water, not only in the soil, but the surroundings.


  1. I will make this brief. (I know I leave too many too long comments on your blog.) Avocado seedlings start growing with ‘juvenile’ growth, which grows very fast and very tall. It takes a few years before they bother with significant branching or fruiting. Ungrafted trees will not necessarily be true to type, so you never know what the fruit will be like until you actually get it. Also, they need pollinators for fruit. However! They make nice tall houseplants. If you like, you can pinch the terminal bud to promote branching. (I let one get quite tall before I did that just because I wanted the foliage up high.)

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    • Thanks for the tips. That was very interesting. I read somewhere about making them bushy by pinching the tops, but I decided to let it do it’s own thing. iMessage surprised to discover that my first attemp is now branching out all on its own. I don’t know how it will survive in our European climate. It is all very experimental for me.

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