Good Morning


I am hoping that this will be one of the last photos I will be posting here looking through the scaffolding, although next week it will still be here, but the week after next who knows? We are told many stories and one of them is about the scaffolding being dismantled the week after next. We were also told that our blind winders would be installed yesterday, but no deal. We got a telephone recorded message to say there was not enough time and it will be done on Monday. On Monday morning we are away for an hour or so shopping, so who knows. I no longer really care. The blind story is becoming a story without an end. Half of the appartments have them in working order and the other half are still waiting.

The weather suits the situation, everything misty and not clear.

I was looking for something in the cellar yesterday and had a bit of a shock. Some time ago it was an organised cellar and I knew what we had and where we had it. I did not find what I was looking for, but I discovered that my motto for living every week, or every two weeks, as if you were moving, had been forgotton. I discoverd two large pieces of styrofoam packing material, and cannot even remember what was packed in it. I love those large pieces that you cannot break up into smaller pieces for the trash bag, so it looks like I will be busy with a sharp knife today. I also discovered a large piece of packing material belonging to something we no long have. Am I becoming a hoarder?

I moved onto our hobby room, but I should have left it. The hobby room is now mainly a place for objects belonging to the outside porch: a large table taking up all the room. At the back of the table is a settee and in the corner we have some boxes which are reproducing themselves. All in all it was a depressing site and it would have been better to have ignored it all.

Today I am going nowhere and not doing very much out of the ordinary, so I will have time to go back to the “moving every week” state of affairs, I hope.


I saw some interesting plants in the store yesterday. They were another variety of calla in a new colour: black. They would be ideal for a funeral or for a bouquet of cut flowers for your favourite enemy. Perhaps I might treat myself to a bunch to brighten the place up a bit.

And now time for a walkabout with the Dyson. It is hungry for dust and I want to get it behind me, I have a sawing session with some neglected styrofoam. Enjoy the week-end, I know I will, although golden oldies have week-ends every day.

Road to Langendorf 13.10 (9)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My front bedroom looks a bit like that at the moment. I moved out of it when it was being painted and could not be bothered moving back in so it has become the place where furniture gets put when I am painting other rooms.

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    • I think we all have those places where we can put the objects that we don’t know what to do with them. This morning we filled two garbage bags and now we have a little more space.

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  2. I am usually pretty diligent about getting rid of boxes and packing stuff, but I really hate styrofoam. You try to cut it and it becomes a mass of crumbs that fly EVERwhere. Good luck with that. They promised you by October it would be done? Well, just two weeks to go! I’ve got my fingers crossed that by Halloween, you will finally be FREE!

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    • Mr. Swiss went to town this morning for a few odd bits and I had time for the cellar. What did I see? He had already cut two of the styrofoam pieces and packed it in a trash bag so I took the bag out to the container. Suddenly he was home and saw me in the cellar. I was still dithering around with a few pieces there and we have now sorted some stuff. I also hat things that hang around when you can get rid of it. It is the stuff that “might come in useful” that I hate most of all. I seem to have grown up with it from my parents, especially my dad. It must be done by end of October, but who knows. Perhaps it will miraculously by finished on the night of halloween by a few ghouls and ghosts that are unemployed – who knows.


  3. I love your “moving every week” approach. I used to believe that everybody should move every 5 years, just so things wouldn’t accumulate too badly — afater 25 years, it’s interesting packing the house for the upcoming re-piping (everything must be moved away from walls with water inside).

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    • I dare not tell the story of our moving experiences. The first after 20 years in the same home, and the second after 5 years. That will not happen again, but we rescued the situation in the nick of time. We have now been living 20 years in our appartment and will probably leave in an urn.

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    • Thanks. I have my own recipe, basic but good. However, that reciple looks great – juice of 9 lemons? I was probably saving with mine and use only the juice of one lemon. The addition of creme fraiche (I use just plain cream) and rum is encouraging. I might try it. I like a touch of lemon, but 9 of them might be a little sour to say the least.

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    • I cannot remember where I heard about living as if youn were moving every week, but it is a good idea, you just have to practice it. Good luck with your renovation, at least you know when it will finish


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