Good Morning

Autumn garden

It is a genuine Autumn morning today. Even my little back garden has put on its red, orange and yellow dress for the occasion. My sedum at the front is a thankful appearance. It begins to grow in Spring, eventually flowers in late summer and the red dried flowers stay during the winter to add a little colour to the frozen garden. I cut them back after Winter and notice that the new shoots are already appearing for the next year. I seem to be getting soft and sentimental with my thoughts in my golden oldie years.

Renovation 12.10 (1)

These are new drainpipes in the photo. Now why is she showing drainpipes, nothing special. It seems they arrived as an extra surprise on our building site. Our painters have been busy painting everything that appeared under their rollers, as well as the old draining system on the balconies. They spruced everything up with new coats of paint and were proud of their achievement. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell them that the old pipes will be replaced by something bigger and better.

The new pipes have now arrived: dull grey metal pipes, much wider than the older pipes, so let us hope they will fit. These might also be painted and the ones that they spent time on painting during the past weeks, will now be removed and go to the happy pipe hunting grounds. One of those little misunderstandings on a building site, although at least it gave the painters something to do. The “architect” which is not really an architect, but the organiser of the whole concept, is now on holiday, so anything could happen.

A worker just entered our terrotory and he will probably be fitting our system with the new drainage pipes. We have also heard that today we will get the winders to our blinds which have been hovering at the top of our windows for decoration. The problem is we will be shopping for 1-2 hours this morning and they will probably have to enter our appartment to do the necessary work. On top of this our upstairs neighbour is on holiday and we have her appartment key, so for a while no-one will be here to let them in. We are hoping to see the workers of the blinds before we go to work something out. However, blind workers have a different timetable. They have vampire aspects and seem to be shy of daylight, only turning up later in the day when their eyes have got used to the lighting effects.

Moon 12.10 (6)

I was busy with my moon photos again yesterday morning and now we have a half moon. This morning the moon was back again, but even smaller. I have now decided to wait until I get a full moon for a chance of my Pulitzer prize.

We are again planning for the week-end shopping, but it only seems yesterday when I planned the last week-end. Time is slipping through my fingers too fast for comfort. It seems life is  full of week-ends, but I suppose it is when you are a golden oldie. Mr. Swiss and I are still discussing the composition of the menu, but are running out of ideas.

In the meanwhile my asters are opening more and more daily. The week-end is ahead so make the most of it, it only comes once a week, unless you are a golden oldie, then it arrives daily. Enjoy – see you around.

Asters 12.10 (3)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Thankyou. I have persevered for years with moon shots, but now seem to have the hang of it, although I take them in the early morning. I am not sure if the night shots will be as good.


  1. You’ve got more red in you tiny garden than we have almost anywhere — except that ONE tree in our front yard. It’s been a very yellow year for autumn.

    Soon, blinds. Drains. What else can they possibly do to you? Maybe they’ll decided to redo the floors and ceilings next?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The red Is from the sedum plant. The leaves will soon be falling everywhere, so it looks like a busy time with the rake.
      Anything done in our own four walls is our decision and we don’t intend having anything done. We will be glad when the nightmare comes to an end.


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