Daily Prompt: A cloaked Impression


“Dracky what are you doing in that cupboard?”

“I am looking for something Morticia. Do you know where my black satin cloak with the red silk lining is?”

“You mean the one that you dragged out of your grandfathers coffin. It was already bat eaten when you wore it the first time. I had to repair all the damage.”

“Of course, it was a valuable piece of family inheritance. Grandad said that the family chief vampire should always wear it at halloween. It is halloween and I have nothing to wear.”

“But your have a selecion of halloween cloaks. I always like the one with the genuine red fox fur, it made you look so sexy.”

“Vampires are not supposed to look sexy Morticia, we are to look scary and bloodthirsty. The colour of my red lined cloak matched so perfectly with my eyes. Where is it Morticia?”

“I gave it to the second hand shop for unemployed vampires. I thought it could serve a good purpose. It was full of stains from last year and they didn’t come out in the wash.”

“Of course it was stained, no self-respecting vampire comes home from a night at halloween without a stained cloak. It belongs to the event.*

“It was too small in any case.”

“It fitted me perfectly.”

“It did before I washed it, but I had to use the special biological wash and it shrunk.”

“It shrunk? Granfather Hemlock wore it for at least 200 years and it never shrunk.”

“But his wife never washed it either. It stunk of all sorts of strange objects. Even the cemetery smelt like a perfume factory in comparison. And those bat wings on the collar were beginning to turn mouldy.”

“It was a family heirlom.”

“Stop crying, I bought you a new one. I was keeping it for your birthday as a surprise, but if you insist of a red lined cloak you can have it now.”

“Oh, I love gifts, Show me. Oh!”

“What is wrong?”

“The label says Made in Hong Kong.”

“What is wrong with that. They also make good cloakes.”

“But I like my cloaks to be genuine bat wing and this says 100% nylon, washing machine proof – dries within an hour.”

“Yes, I know, very practical. The blood kept blocking my washing machine drainage system. This cloak is far more practical. It is bug repellent and blood resistant. Stop complaining Dracky, it is not the end of the world.”

“I have already done the end of the world Morticia and believe me it was not so bad as mixing with the boys in a cloak Made in Hong Kong. They are bad quality. I prefer them to be Made in Transysvannia. I will be the laugh of the pack and my record for collecting the most varying blood groups is in danger. Nossy is already only one blood group behind mine.”

“Yes and Mrs. Nosferatu was complaining that his cloak lining now had at least 10 different shades of red. Your new cloak has built in sensors for rare blood groups.”

“Really, oh in that case let me try it on, although it seems to be a bit electric.”

“You will get used to that Dracky. That is because it is nylon with the built in electric sensor. The teeth marks are no longer just two points of blood but a zig-zack symbol, just like lightening.”

“Oh great. At last I have something that the boys won’t have. You deserve  a special bite for that.”

“Wait until midnight Dracky, your bites are always more romantic.”

Daily Prompt: A cloaked Impression

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A cloaked Impression

  1. Many years ago when I was still attempting to sew, I wanted to be the Dark Sorceress. So I made myself a cloak just like that, with red satin lining. If you didn’t look too close, it was pretty cool. It went to many a Halloween party. MANY parties. No blood, though. Maybe a hint of wine.

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    • I got the idea from a cloak I made for no. 1 son for a carnival happening. It was black silk with a watermark pattern and I lined it with bright red. I was going to take a photo, but remembered I eventually threw it out


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