12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Scale

    • I hope so. The problem now is that Winter is around the corner and there is not very much you can do until Spring, so I am hoping the gardeners remember us then. It is in the rebuild contract that they are to return the state of the garden to how it was, but seeing is believing.

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      • I can see that it would become “part of the landscape!” My HOA has disrupted our summer for the last 2 years — last year they tented (for termites) all 197 units in a matter of 2-3 weeks, requiring that we bag all food, and do other prep work. This year they are repiping every unit (one week per unit) to reduce the cost of repairing leaks — requiring that we move all furniture, etc. away from walls that have water outlets (all over the house, and outside too!). For me, this came on top of eye surgery, so I’m unable to lift as much as I normally would, and must be careful not to strain! Hopefully next year we will have a peaceful summer!

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        • It becomes a never ending trial. Now the outside is finished, they are thinking about renewing the lifts and afterwards who knows. Luckily we are not in Termite country and I probably would not know one if I saw one.


          • Next year’s project is a roofing “tune up,” identifying and patching before the roofs are bad enough to require re-roofing! A termite looks sort of like an ant with long wings — and they eat wood voraciously!

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          • We have “composition” shingles — not wood but a petroleum compound. Brick or tile roofs would help with the fires, until the embers blow in under the tiles!

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