Good Morning

Misty Morning

One of those damp mornings, but the autumn trees are poking through the mist. There is even a crow winging its way in the middle of the photo. For normal humans it would be quite cold, but I survive quite well without wrapping myself up – I have my own internal central heating system it seems. My No. 1 son now has a different timetable meaning we eat half an hour earlier at lunchtime. I have discovered this is quite good. I used to sit around after eating for half an hour drinking tea and munching chocolate. I decided to cut this half an hour out and so I get my normal midday sleep. Another advantage is that I have half an hour more in the morning to cook lunch and no stress and to fit in a few odd jobs that I wanted to do for some time.

Yesterday I actually repotted last year’s amaryllis. Usually I bought one at the end of the year, let it flower for Christmas and when it was finished it disappeared. I was reading up on it and decided to let it reflower again. I had it outside during Summer after I had cut the flowered stalks, where it produced many leaves which eventually died down so I cut them away. I had been giving it fertiliser regularly during the Summer according to the instructions. I removed it from the pot yesterday and discovered that I had a mega large bulb with many roots. I removed the roots and replanted it in a new pot. It is now sitting outside sheletered. I will keep it cool and after a while I will begin to give it water and hope for the best. At the same time I will probably buy another one just to be sure that something will flower for Christmas. I do not even do  Christmas, but it brings some colour into the home in the dark Winter Days.

moon 10.10 (2)

Yesterday I was delayed with my good morning blog due to the moon. I was chasing it with my camera and eventually got a couple of shots with the zoom lens. I was particularly chuffed when I uploaded them, as for many years I have been trying to get a moon with craters and a few small details and this time I got half way there. Perhaps it was the sun reflecting the ups and downs on the surface. This must be followed, and I hope to capture a full moon one day and a guy waving to me from above.

Plane 10.10 (2)

Whilst I was getting a stiff neck looking upwards a plane flew over, no not this one, a bigger one with all the details, but before I could focus the camera it had already disappeared. A couple of minutes later, as if to compensate, another plane appeared. This was not such a low flyer, but I managed to get a shot in. This one was flying Westwards. Perhaps it was only aiming for Geneva Airport, but I managed to get its red colouring – could have been a Swiss plane.

Eventually after all this sky excitement, I did get around to cleaning the place up and cooking lunch. Today I plan to rake some leaves out of my garden as my extra in between job.  They are small leaves and nice and dry, so it is not such a big job. Since I realise that the days are counted for the disappearance of the builders, I am finding inspiration once again.

It is a shopping day today but I have no idea what to buy.  Monday was a potato day, yesterday was a rice day and tomorrow is a spaghetti day, so I have no idea  what today is. It would have been a rösti day, but my electric rösti cutting machine blew a fuse a couple of weeks ago and I am not in the mood for doing it all by hand, especially as the grater sometimes includes my fingers in the grating sessions. No-one likes red stains in the potatoes.

So let us get on with it, the computers and us. Mr. Swiss said something about a mega update this morning in the windows world which took almost half an hour. I have nothing on my machine – yet – but who knows. Perhaps it will not say good bye when I close it down, and add an extra.

Cows 09.10 (2)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m glad you got a good shot of the moon after all the effort you put in yesterday. I remember seeing the contrails, hope that is the right word, of planes much more often when I was younger. Don’t see them so much now. We’re not on a flight path here in the country although we do see the odd helicopter, rescue flights or forestry.

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    • Moon shots are not easy and I was surprised when I saw them. We used to live in an appartment on the third floor and had a wonderful clear view. In the morning we would see all the planes in the sink flight to land at Zürich Airport. Shame that I did not take any photos.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is really luck. this was early morning and the sun was probably in the right place at the right time with the reflection. It is the first time that I got a more or less good picture of the moon.


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