Daily Prompt: Something completely different

Metal supports

I took an exceptional photo at the entrance to the supermarket today and am still not sure what it is. It has a touch of Swiss impressionism, although I afterwards discovered that I was looking at it upside down and they were piled metal supports for the contents of a new tent. The Christmas tent is already being constructed. This is not an exception, Christmas arrives every year a month earlier. Eventually the year will be completely Christmas.

Today they let me out to visit the supermarket. Not really an exception as I visit the supermarket on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I had gone to the supermarket on Tuesday it would have been an exception, but Tuesday is reserved for the golden oldies and I prefer to avoid them. They form queues in the elecronics department buying their new computers and iPads. They take their time choosing what they want and ask many confusing questions for the sales people. Afterwards they swarm into the food section.

That is why I prefer to do my shopping in a relaxed atmosphere on any other day except for Tuesday. It can be such a nuiscance, they are everywhere blocking the paths and causing problems with their walking sticks. I almost had a fight with a golden oldie and that can be very risky, especially if they practice with their walking stick at home..  There was I armed with my walking stick and another golden oldie with her walking stick both attacking the same last paket of sausages. It was a fight to the bitter end, but I let her win. My walking stick was a special execution and I wanted to protect it from scratches and marks on the varnished surface. I also noticed my opponent was fitter than I was and could apply her stick right and left. I am only a beginner, just 2 years practice. Perhaps with time I will also be able to apply both hands.

I was thinking today, as an exception, I would do something completely different, but decided it would be too much excitement and so here I am again wondering what to write as an exception.

Mr. Swiss has returned to the Facebook fold. He was absent for almost a year. He is now bombarded with requests to be his friend, I am getting jealous. I told him before he left the messenger will be out of bounds, which is the main reason why he has returned. I even gave him a like on his photo, as the only one.

The moral to this blog? There is none, I was just filling in time as an exeption.

Daily Prompt: Something completely different

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Something completely different

  1. Tomorrow I will plant my Budeleia or however it’s spelled. It arrived — they arrived — today. I welcomed them, gave them water, told them I was happy to have them and said they’d have a few nice weeks to settle in. I talk to my plants. I like them a lot and they make me very happy with the things they do. 🙂

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