Mundane Monday #130: Two Cranes and the Alps

Road to Langendorf 04.10 (12)

It all began with demolishing apparment houses to make room for something  bigger and better. In the 1950’s Mr. Swiss, my husband, actually lived in the blocks of appartments that no longer exists, with his mother. A jump forward in time and now the appartments are no longer there.

The cranes have moved in. First of all just one crane, but it has now been joined by a second crane. We pass the cranes three times in the week on the way to the village where we shop in the supermarket.

I am constantly taking photos of the cranes, something completely different. However on this day, somthing special happened. The Swiss Alps, Bernese Overland, showed themselves. The light was right and so I got a two(three) for the price of one: the Alps and two cranes.

Mundane Monday #130: Two Cranes and the Alps

8 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #130: Two Cranes and the Alps

  1. I lived in Seattle for a while — it was a rare and wonderful day when Mt. Rainier “was out.” I can well imagine the thrill of seeing the Alps show their heads! It’s a fun photo!

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    • Cranes are interesting objects to shoot, although if you see one you have seen them all. I was very lucky with this shot to get the mountains in the background.


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