Good Morning


I am hoping that at the end of October there will be photos of the morning sunrise without the interruption of scaffolding on the lefthand side.  Of couse, it adds a bit of something special to the photo when you have the combination of nature and the human element. It is the post modern style of Centre Pompidiou and I am sure it deserves a place in one of the best architectural designs. Mr. Swiss told me we are having wonderful evening skies at the moment, but no-one told me about them. I will have to keep an eye open for them.

Autumn Trees 08.10 (1)

I have not been out and about so much lately, the days are shorter and my evening walks are now too dark for a camera. However, why go far, when you have Autumn at the bottom of the garden – not quite. I took this photo at the edge of our estate where the trees are now changing their colours. I was quite pleased with the effects of the light greens and reds. In a few weeks most of the leaves will be gone when Winter begins to approach.

I just realised that nothing exciting is happening in my life, although Mr. Swiss finds that I am always unpredictable. Today’s high point will be an excursion to the supermarket. Jam is running out, we need fresh bread and Mr. Swiss informed that our washing powder supply  is also on the wain according to our cloud shopping list. I no longer go so much in the celler to the laundry room, Mr. Swiss has taken over, which I am not sorry about, so I am out of touch with supplies. My washing machine only does the evening shift, as electricity is then half price. It is no big bother. I can forget the laundry during the day and it dries overnight.

Physalis 08.10.2017

And so I will depart with another breath of Autumn. They were selling physalis at the local store, and I decided it would add a bit of Autumn colour to the garden. According to information from Internet, the physalis have runners that spread in the garden, which is one of the reasons I bought it. I also noticed that each one of these little lamps has a seed in the middle, so who knows. I might have a growing field of them for next year.

And now to move on to discover what little surprises my vacuum cleaner will find, but I will be back. Enjoy wherever you are.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Autumn is such a pretty season. Spring is continuing in fits and starts here. I had a few days away from the Op Shop where I volunteer and came back to find the tree just outside had burst into blossom. I swear it had none last Tuesday.


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