9 thoughts on “Black and White 7 Day Challenge: Day 6

  1. Wow! So Majestic and Elegant! Loving the architecture. Excellent photo.

    I just finished a walk through a historic Brooklyn cemetery called The Evergreens which has graves, mausoleums and crypts going back to before the Civil War. Perhaps even to the American Revolution. I’m not morbid just love old cemeteries. Something I got from my Dad. It will take me some time to organize the photos as I took close to 100 but hope to have them up and on my blog sometime today or tomorrow.

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    • The local town of Solothurn has its own cathedral St. Urs, and this is the tower. I have been up to the top once, but the climb is not easy on the spiral staircase and you arrive at the belfry at the top, so can be glad if the bells don’t start to ring. I am a cemetery tourist and always make a point of visiting them when in other towns. Unfortunately I never got around to seeing the cemeteries in New york. I think we passed by one on the trip from the airport in Flushing Meadows somewhere. I am sure that must be a few interesting figures tucked away in New York. It’s not being morbid, but having fun and getting to know the histroy of the place. I have a collection of cemetery photos covering Paris, Vienna, England and Switzerland. The Austrians invented the cemetery sightseeing and they have the largest cemetery in Europe.

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      • Cool. My Dad and I used to visit old cemeteries. My Dad had a deep love for history. I believe that the first European settlers to New York were the Dutch and that is the reason why so many streets and place have Dutch names especially in Brooklyn where I live. Many cemeteries offer guided historical tours discussing the various architectural styles, plus fall foliage tours and the Evergreens will have a Halloween Costume Party on Saturday, October 28th. This Halloween party is Free and open to the Public but I’m not sure that I will attend even though I’m off that day. Gotta see how I feel.

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        • I believe the original name of New York was New Amsterdam, so the Dutch were probably the first settlers. I would have loved to have seen more of New York but I was only there for a week. I was in Haarlem for a gospel service and in the evenings we were mostly in th village – Mr. Swiss is a jazz fan. We visited the Guggenheim museum and MOMA which was very interesting. The next time I will definitely visit Brooklyn, but I think my travelling days are over.

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          • You can visit Brooklyn via my blog. I’m always glad to hear from you. If this lovely summer weather continues to hold out I will make a Trail Talks/Cemetery Talk video. That should be fun.

            Believe or not The Evergreens Cemetery also offers Yoga Classes and Bird Walks. Bird Walks I can understand but Yoga Class? I will pass on that one.


    • We are at the end of our Indian Summer, although with luck it will hang on next week. Last night it rained all night and I was glad as it stopped the ground drying out completely.

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  2. Boston has some amazing old cemeteries and they are open to the public. LOTS of tourists visit them. New York has not preserved its historic places. They just knock everything down and build from scratch. Boston is exactly the opposite. if you want theater and swanky shops, it’s New York. if you want history, Boston.

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