JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy


In Switzerland we do not celebrate halloween, although now and again there might be a ball organised by a few private people. Everyone is a vampire at heart. The stores once tried to introduce it with candy, halloween ornaments etc. but they were mostly left on the shelves. There was no interest. So I had to go searching today for some candy: nothing spooky, but some sour tongues.

And here are some sour glow worms.


Halloween Challenge: Candy</a>

7 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Candy

  1. Oh, I hate Halloween. It is just another day for people to party and get drunk and make a mess downtown for a holiday they know nothing about. However, Mexican society here makes it a family oriented three day celebration of deceased Saints, and then everyone else who is deceased. The traditions are much more ‘traditional’.

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    • It’s an amusing holiday and does appeal to my dark side, but it is definitely not the Swiss way of life. In England it is gaining ground. Some kids here tried trick or treat, but with no success. Most people did not understand why they wanted.

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      • That is funny. You can imagine the surprise of someone who is not familiar with the traditions. I had a neighbor from India who could not figure out why all these kids were coming to his door in costumes and wanting candy. He tried to give the broccoli at first!

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  2. I love Halloween. Where we use to live in Florida we had a large amount of treaters. Here we live in a retirement park with no children. No matter who much we decorate, which we love to do, there are no kids ( except the elders who are young at heart ) to see it. Now the church behind our home does a big Halloween production and then hands out candy from cars in the parking lot. I think it is cute. Some of the retirees wish they wouldn’t do it. Spoil sports. Hugs

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    • We don’t have the Halloween tradition here. You might see some carved pumpkins now and again outside. I remember my visit to New York many years ago. There was a store that only sold Halloween articles. Our big thing is 1st November, All Souls Day when people visit the cemeteries, so there must be a little tradition somewhere.

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