Good Morning


A little bit of sun and a little bit of Autumn in the tree on the right, that is today’s vision outside in the back garden. If you have micro eye-sight you would see the flock of crows somewhere on the left just above the sunlight, but unfortunately my iPhone 6 is not equipped with the super camera that the iPhone 8 has or the iPhone X will have when it appears. I am still thinking about it. What else does a golden oldie have in her life other than her electronic apparatus. I am an “i” golden oldie it seems.

In the meanwhile, life continues.

Flushing of the heating 03.10 (3)

Yesterday morning we had a visit from the men that arrived to flush through our heating pipes. Our operations centre is in a small room that is known for us as a “reduit” meaning space for your cleaning gear and the laundry container. We cleared away the stuff blocking the entrance to the pipe system, but our shelf construction still had to move. They were very nice guys and did the rest, by shifting it to one side. There are eight pipes to clean and they attach a hose to the pipe and turn on the jet stream somewhere to flush it through.

Flushing of the heating 03.10 (2)

The hose is than inserted into the toilet (we have two thank goodness). This is the guest toilet so it did not get in our way. Afterwards the water jet empties into the toilet bowl. One of the neighbours found it was really not a necessary job, but we learn every day. This was necessary, when I saw the soup that arrived in the toilet bowl, although it could have perhaps waited until spring when the renovation curse with the buiders and scaffolding was not upon us. The guy said that eventually the dirt builds up in the tubes and could block the heating.

At the same time Mr. Swiss discovered that our heating central in the cellar was not working, so the guy had a look and said that one of the blowers (whatever that is) was not working and he contacted the heating company to fix it. They came and repaired and now everything is under control.

After an hour the job was done and they moved on to the next appartment. By the end of the day we all had clean heating tubes.

Yesterday Facebook informed me that the new Dan Brown novel “Origin” had been published. I had a look in my Amazon and yes, it was the first day. It was the fifth in the Robert Langdon series, the first being “The Da Vinci Code” and I realised I had read all four, so I downloaded the new book. I usually wait a couple of years until they might get a little cheaper, but the Kindle was 14,99 € for 480 pages, so I decided why not.

I also noticed some time ago that the latest Ben Aaronovich novel “The Furthest Station” had been published in the Peter Grant series, dealing with a police detective responsible for the supernatural. I was interested, but discovered that its price was even more expensive than a bestseller, as it was a novella with only 120 pages. I decided not to download it on my Kindle, that was too far over the top with the price. I also belong to a group “Lord Grant’s Irregulars” which is a sort of a fan page for Ben Aaronovich and there was a lively discussion about this price being expensive for what was being offered. I am sure the book would be interesting, featuring the London subway and strange ghosts that suddenly appear amongst the passengers, all very mysterious, but not for that price.

Today is a day of shopping so I will be going places and seeing things and trying for a few fantastic shots with my camera from the car. Mr. Swiss and I are now having a detailed conversation about what to buy and eat, but we decided to wait and see what is on offer.

In the meanwhile I will leave you with an interesting marrow/gourd/pumpkin that I saw in the supermarket.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Thanks for the information about the new Dan Brown novel.
    I will download it to my Kindle soon.
    Tis pumpkin and gourd season in New York city also. I took some great photos of the gourd family while on my dinner break.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your welcome. In our week in New York it was Halloween time and we discovered a shop that only had Halloween stuff. I even bought a doorbell that gave a ghostly laugh. New York really has everything.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes New York has everything you could ever need, want or wish for. Every holiday brings specialty shops. Mostly for Halloween and Christmas. Not so much Thanksgiving as Americans sacrifice many turkeys on that last Thursday in November.

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