Daily Prompt: Life is interesting


My latest thing is clouds, although why a thing, but we all have them. I do not mean the cloud that we visit now and again in the computer world, even if we do not want to. There are just some places on the computer you cannot visit without being absorbed into that fluffy something that will not let you go. Try using the e-mail system cloud-free. It will not work. My interest is in the real clouds, the ones that hover in the sky.

They creep to other places, apparently due to the turning motion of the earth. Sometimes you can watch them moving. Is the earth suddenly turning faster, or are the clouds moving at a higher speed.  My camera was guilty of this cloud interest. I love to take photos of interesting objects. It might be the local area where a river runs through it, or our market town. The cows, birdlife and horses at the local stables are all part of my photographic world. On the road in the car I sit in the passenger seat with the camera ready for the shot(s) of the day but even they all become monotonous with time.

I then discovered the clouds. They are never monotonous and change, are versatile and present themselves in different colours. My next step was to see if there were other crazy people like me who had their head in the clouds and I found The Cloud Appreciation Society. This was it, the answer to my thirst for clouds. However, I did not join because as a golden oldie you no longer join so much, but just observe and enjoy. Although there a few good books with illustrations produced by this group.

In my 70 years my interests have been in many places since my dad asked me “Why did the Chicken Cross the road” and I am still searching for the answer. I went on a quest for my roots when ancestry was the thing to do. Discovered 980 ancestors and gave up, because neither Queen Elizabeth or George Washington was amongst them.

I discovered photography when Mr. Swiss gave me his hand-me-down digital camera as he bought a new one. He no longer buys new ones, just uses the mobile phone cameras, but I now have a collection with various lens, so I blame that one on Mr. Swiss. I have a thing for computers, iPads and iPhones. It all keeps me out of mischief. Gone are the days when I would knit pullovers and socks for the kids. Why knit when you can buy what you need in the stores and my grandson does not really wear knits, more onesies.

I now stick to the clouds, and hope the sky does not fall on my head.

Clouds 22.09 (5)
Daily Prompt: Life is interesting

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life is interesting

  1. I am glad to hear that the English find the chicken crossing the road as interesting as we do here in America. I used to work in a company where about half the people there were Russian. When someone asked “Why does the chicken cross the road” and everyone laughed, Sergei started at us.

    “WHY is that funny?”

    No one could explain it. It just IS.

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    • Although it should be taken seriously. We have about 80 chickens living across the road and none of them have ever attempted to cross the road. I wait every day for that chicken to ask them the question, but they always stay on the other side. Perhaps they do not know the answer and so they don’t bother.

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      • I actually added the chicken crossing the road to an application we were building. We need to show how you could move an item from one part of the application to another, so I called them all chickens and one of the Russians wrote me a little problem and every time we moved a chicken, it would pop up and say “Another chicken has crossed the road!” Since we sold the app mostly overseas — Japan, actually — They probably just thought we were weird.

        Personally, if I were a chicken, I’d worry about the cars!

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