7 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Tornado

  1. When I went to Oklahoma at the end of 2012, I thought that I would finally experience a ‘real’ winter, but we left before ‘real’ happened. It got colder than I am accustomed to, but not ‘real’ cold’. Snow was a ‘really’ weird experience, even if it was only two or three inches deep. However, a few months later, our house was damaged by a tornado just a day prior to the Moore tornado.

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    • Tornados for us are something to see in news reports. We might have a storm with high winds where we have to secure stuff outside, but no evacuations. There are landslides and torrential rainfalls in the mountain areas where villages might have to be evacuated and snow and ice are a way of life for us in Winter.

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      • I love being a Californian, but the weather can be so boring. I have only seen snow a few times in my lifetime, and only because I went to where the snow is. In my former neighborhood, we got about a foot of rain annually. It never gets too hot or too cold; although I am looking at real estate in Trona where it rarely drops below 110 degrees all summer, and gets only four inches of rain!

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        • Snow is part of life in Switzerland, but they deal with it very well. I am originally a Brit from London, and we did not have so much snow, but the complete transport system would collapse because they were not prepared if it did happen to snow.

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