Daily Prompt: The Walking Stick Grand Prix

Walking Stick

“Which one do you think I should use?”

“Does it make a difference, a walking stick is a walking stick.”

“Not quite, I average quite a good speed with the brown one. It is a professional stick. On the other hand, although the other is slower, it would make a better impression on the judges when I break through the white tape.”

“What are you talking about? A stick is for walking support.”

“When you enter the grandprix for speediest stick walker of the year, you have to make sure of the details. The brown stick is heavier than the snazzy stick and could slow me down. I think I would be quicker with the coloured stick, although it is not as strong as the brown stick.”

“Are you serious? Sticks are made for walking and not for participating in races.”

“It depends on the prize when you cross the winning line as the first.”

“What is the prize?”

“See, now you get interested when it might depend on the reward. The prize is my dream walking stick. An ebony stick with a grip made of solid silver in the shape of a skull. It will be engraved as Stick walker of the year.”

“And you will be the joke of the year when we go shopping in the supermarket, if you actually win.”

“Of course I will win, I averag and least 10 yards  in five minutes, although I am still not sure which of my sticks will be the best. The brown stick has a cork grip, which means it will not slip out of my hands in the race. The nice luxury stick with the jungle pattern could present a problem as the handle could slip when my hands begin to sweat.”

“You will probably be the only person taking part in the race, so I would not bother.”

“I am not, Mrs. Jones from across the road will also be taking part. She thinks herself so special with her genuine fur covered grip and and the forest design, all very environment friendly made of natural wood. She thinks she invented stick walking just because she won last year. That stick was her prize. ”

“I think she is a very nice lady and always likes to have a little chat if you meet her.”

“When did you meet her? I havn’t seen her for a long while. And what do you talk about?”

“Oh come on, she must be at least ten years older than you are. If you must know she was telling me about her great grandchildren.”

“I don’t trust her. I saw her doing practice walks with her cane in the back garden. I am sure she is using a special lubrification for her stick.”

“Oh, come one. And if you win, I will not be going with you to the supermarket when you are walking with a silver skulled stick.”

“Why not, Mrs. Jones husband would be proud to be seen with his wife with such a stick. You have no idea, and now I will be gone for an hour.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the park of course.”

“But it is already getting dark outside.”

“No problem, I have a built in laser beam on my stick. I had it converted as a practice cane. In the evening there are less stick walkers around, and I can really let go for a first class training opportunity. I cannot wait for the race – I am sure I will win.”

“Of course, but be careful.”

“Perhaps you could give me a hand and foot massage before I go, to loosen up my stick walking abilities. Wake up I am talking to you.”

Daily Prompt: The Walking Stick Grand Prix

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Walking Stick Grand Prix

    • Perhaps they might televise it by satellite. I will let you know and you can cheer as I pass the winning line. I was thinking of fixing a wheel onto my stick, but it might not be allowed.


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