Daily Prompt: It’s Popular

Renovation A 23.08 (16)

It must be that time of the year to have a crane constructed in your back yard Admittedly we are under a renovation attack since 6 months, but suddenly I am seeing cranes everywhere. They used to be a real event where you would stop and stare and watch them being built, piece by piece. This crane arrived in a matter of 2 hours. It was necessary to lift concrete paving stones onto the balconies. And so the men arrived and suddenly it was there, in front of the window. To prove how modern it is the crane driver was positioned on ground level and had a remote in his hand: just a matter of pressing the right buttons and it was doing the job, something like a remote kid’s toy.

Journey to Langendorf 1707 (9)

Change of scene: Mr. Swiss and a visit to the supermarket during the week. He is driving and I am taking photos from the passenger seat, not wanting to miss anything. This was ideal fodder for the camera. They were demolishing some appartment buidings on the way, not just one but most of them, to be replaced by something much better. Did I see Mr. Swiss wiping a tear from his eye? No, not really, but he did live here in his younger days when he was still unprotected game for the female population. And now this building is no more.

Road to Langendorf 06.09 (6)

Fear no more, the crane(s) has arrived and the rebuilding has begun. Eventually there will be appartment houses and a park surrounded by greenery. Mr. Swiss even said my photos from our supermarket journey are becoming boring with photos of a crane. One day he will be glad when the new building is finished. We will have photographic memories. In the meanwhile…

Road to Langendorf 11.08 (11)

we noticed that there was action in town. Ditches were being dug, men were measuring things with instruments, a new project was on its way, calloo callay. It was becoming fashion, new food for the camera.

Road to Langendorf 01.09 (4)

The machines soon arrived and there was digging and the piling of brick and removed paving tiles – yes action was everywhere. However, here I missed the crane but the work was more ground level. What was happening, were they buiding underground tunnels or looking for oil? Of course not, it is quite simple, at least it would have been had someone somewhere not had too much money to spend. Our local garbage plant had been burning the rubbish for many years and it was decided to use the heat from this plant for daily events, like heating the houses and the water supply – something in that direction. And so all over the town they are digging holes and laying cables and tubes for the nice hot air to reach the right places, something to do with geothermal energy. Excuse the technical words but I had to find them in the english-german online dictionary as they are not really in my english vocabulary

It is popular today to dig and demolish and rebuild, but naturally it all has a good reason, probably, at least I think so – anyhow plenty of material for the camera and new experiences when finding the new routes on the road, because eveything has got narrower and is even diverted.

Daily Prompt: It’s Popular

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s Popular

  1. First off, that is a really huge crane! Lurking overhead? It would make me nervous. You town has been under continuous construction for YEARS. The powers-that-be need to give it a REST. Give the locals a year OFF.

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    • Hey we are Swiss and love being perfect – it is our hobby. The crane was only there for a day and it disappeared again, crane rental costs money – our money. They are always reconstructing. They even reconstructred the paving in the old town to return it to the cobblestones from the olden days, to make it look more authentic. Why repair it when it is not broken?


  2. We had a huge crane for just one day last week when Pacific Gas and Electricity had to replace a transformer. Just 6 hours and I was totally thrown off my routine and mental state. No electricity for that amount of time, what was I going to do? And I could not park in front of my house, the crane was there. I would not be able to get my car out of my garage (electric opener) I mean I had to think everything out ahead of time. So, I just don’t see how you have been able to put up with this for so long. Maybe it becomes routine, is that it?

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    • We only had the crane for half a day and it was not so much in the way . The whole renovation work has been bothering us for the last half year,. Cranes were the least problem. Drilling and chiseling was the worst with the noise effects and repeatedly dirty windows from the dust and dirt, but we have survived up to now.


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