Good Morning


Not too bad this morning, cool but with a promise of sun, although I am not sure if I will go places and see things. Yesterday I made an effort, but somehow the energy was not with me. I made my way across the road to the stables and the chicken run. There were no horses in the stables and their lady was cleaning out the stables, so no luck with photos.

I moved onto the pond next to the stables. There were some ducks and geese there and would have made great photos, had I taken my zoom lens with me. I only had the normal lens, so got more of the wire fence in the photo that what was behind it. The chickens had been move to the other side of the field and my energy was not with me to walk uphill.

Cows 29.09 (5)

However there were cows and I noticed the farmer had put a cow bell around their necks. This is a sort of Swiss thing, although there were so many complaints about the ding dong noise that they are becoming rare. However, this farmer decided to know where he cows were when munching their grassy meals. Note the cow does not have horns, she never knew that she could have horns. The buds are removed when they are still calves. There is now a small movement in Switezerland to let the cows have their horns again and signatures are being collected for a referendum. I will definitely sign. I want my cows to be rehorned, and of course it makes much better photos.

And so my walk was a short thing, about 40 minutes and I returned home with my few photos.

I have an app on my iStuff called macprime which is the Swiss Apple portal. It is not officially from Apple, but keeps you up to date on what is going on in the Apple world. I would have included the link, but mine is .ch which means only for the Swiss, although somewhere it probably exists for other countries. It informed me that there is a new Apple programme calle High Sierra that can now be downloaded, so that kept me busy yesterday, although it runs so smoothly on my Mac Computer I only had to look in now and again. When you have it, you go through the various queries about how you would like your Cloud to be organised. I did not actually want a cloud, but it seems there are certain things that have to be floating around in a cloud, one being your e-mails.

I confused my Apple computer and it told me that there was no deal with important stuff working with a cloud. I had to revise my choices and now I am back in the cloud. At the same time Mr. Swiss updated his Apple computer as well, so there were a few moments of silence at home. We are now both in the High Sierra. Apple always name their programmes with American mountains.

Spider 29.09.2017

Taking a closer look at the scaffolding surrounding my home yesterday, I noticed that it is slowly becoming a place of refuge for various insects. This one had spun its web betweem the angle of the iron bars and was feeling quite comfortable. It was preparing  its lunch when I took the photo.


And now to move on. Looks like another apple tart day today from the shape of the apples on the tree. Enjoy the day, look after your computers and be happy. You might have an update somewhere that you would love to upload.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning/afternoon. 🙂 I always enjoy seeing your photos. That is a very good one of the spider! I agree with you about leaving the cows with their horns. The same goes for leaving dogs with the tails they are born with. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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  2. The cows will need their horns if they are not to have bells but seriously I hope that laws are passed to prevent the cruelty of dehorning.. It’s strange that people are so impatient about sounds like cowbells, chiming clocks and church bells these days when there are much more unpleasant sounds to complain about like traffic, machinery and neighbours who like to rev up cars for no apparent reason.

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    • Many Swiss farmers say the horns are a danger for cows as they get caughtt in hedges and can injure themselves, but I find it laziness of the farmers. As far as the bells are concerned it is some sort of tradition. When the cows do the ascent to the alps in summer there is a big procession and the bigger the bell the better, but that is all part of the show. If you happen to live next to cow field then the bells can really become an annoyance ringing day and night. Some even say the cows are unhappy wearing them, but no one asked them.

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