Flower of the Day: 30.09.2017 Buddleia

Buddleia 16.07.2017

This is my pink delight buddleia in the garden. I chose this one because it remains quite bushy and always has a wonderful show of flowers. I once read an article about buddleia and it seems all the various plants have their own specialities according to the colours. This one makes a wonderful show every year and of course attracts many butterflies.

Flower of the Day: 30.09.2017 Buddleia

6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 30.09.2017 Buddleia

    • I used to have one of each colour, but they got out of control, spreading their seeds everywhere. Now I have the pink one in the front garden and a blue one in the back garden and I noticed that a second pink one is now growin in a flower bed from seeds. They are fairly easy to keep, just cut them back before Spring and they grow again and produce many flowers. I like them because they attract so many butterflies.

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      • I’m looking forward to it! I planted a little flower bed this spring and realized that when I’m working on it, I feel like I’m on TV since my front yard is right on the highway. I decided yesterday a couple of bright and cheerful perennials are the way to go and I thought of your budeleia 🙂

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  1. This is one I am familiar with. It was trendy here a while back. I do not normally like trends, especially those that landscapers can botch so badly, but my mother enjoyed one of hers too much for me to dislike it. She really likes blue. It grows like a big weed. She just cuts it back really low, and lets the big arching branches come up and bloom way up high. There a a few purple ones in a landscape in town that the gardeners shear like a hedge. They look horrible, and do not get much chance to bloom.

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    • It is really one of my favorites. They attract so many butterflies which is a good opportunity for photos. Now and again I get an extra one from the seeds. I love the pink delight as they are nice and compact. They are also quite hardy and survive the Swiss winters quite well.

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