Daily Prompt: Being Witty, I do not think so

Chocolate from the tap

If you turn on your tap in the kitchen and brown water pours from it, you would cry. What have the water works been up to this time? Looking closer you see that it is liquid chocolate. The kids would laugh and love it, but I would not think it funny. Today I am really not in the mood for wittiness. I was planning on an excursion to town, but it is Friday afternoon and the place will be crowded. I decided on a walk in the surroundings and which was also not very amusing as the sun was beating down. We have something called an Indian summer which means that the seasons are upside down and instead of the cool Autumn winds blowing the leaves from the trees, the leaves are still clinging on and there are cows in the meadow.

So after half an hour I returned home to this.

Back Porch

Where there used to be a nice big table with room for everyone, and a luscious green lawn, we are now surrounded by a metal scaffolding and a lawn that says “help” with the impressions of builder’s footprints. The latest arrival is a ladder. We do not know how this ladder arrived, but one morning it was standing on our porch. My first thought “can we use it”. Mr. Swiss found it was a shabby ladder, full of paint markings. It is in a far better condition than our ladder in the cellar so we are still thinking about it. Builders forget these things so quickly. Four months ago they left padding material behind. Our gardener shifted it to another place and it is still there, probably giving a suitable home for any wayward neglected insects.


On the other side of the appartment, in the front garden, we have a section of one of the balconies on the upper floors. They removed them six months ago and are now being replaced. OK, not my problem because I do not have a balcony, but in that case why leave a section of the balcony in my garden? It has been here for a week, perhaps we can use that as well. No, life is not longer witty and definitely not funny.

Daily Prompt: Being Witty, I do not think so

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Being Witty, I do not think so

    • They will remove it eventually. If they leave anything behind there will be complaints. Otherwise if they forget some useful stuff we won’t mind. We now have a great collection of extra long screws and they are expensive and we can always use them 🙂


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