Good Morning

Misty Morning

A misty morning with a nip in the air as my mum always said, although London “nips” were not so clean as the Swiss nips.  It can only get better, although we were told by the weather gods that we will be getting a few offshoots from hurricaine Maria, but nothing tragic. Some higher winds than normal, but warm so no big deal.

Yesterday I did it, I broke out and escaped, although with a small delay. I was prepared with my jacket when Mr. Swiss told me temperatures were around 25° in the sun. I was glad so changed again into something more appropriate and then I set off in the search of Autumn.

Clouds 27.09 (4)

As I walked down the slope to the river I turned and noticed that the clouds were doing me a favour hanging over the Jura mountains, so I stopped for a photo. It was at least a month, if not two, that I had ventured into the unknown. Could I still do it was the unanswered question. I could, although I noticed I was not as fit as I used to be, with a few shaky moments, hoping not to slip on a leaf from a tree.

I eventually reached the river bank, turned left and made my way to my first bench.

River Aar 27.09 (12)

I saw a few signs of Autumn, but nothing spectacular. Some trees perform earlier than others. The path was not covered in leaves and the trees were still holding on. Mr. Swiss was right about the weather, it was comparable to a summer day and very hot in the sun which was everywhere.

Cows 27.09 (2)

The usual river bank cow collection was there, but were more interested in grazing the last remains of the grass before being condemned to their stables throughout Winter. The crane in the background did not actualy suit the pastoral surroundings, but up on the hill is our village and one of the houses is being demilished to make way for a new appartment construction. Even the country is not protected from human progress. I have discovered that cranes can also make interesting photos, especially since our home has been a building zone for the past months.

I eventually reached my bench when after a while I was joined by a colleague I had not seen for some time. Even on lonely river banks you have a chance meeting.  I deicided to move on and climbed the steps to the top of the hill. The cows joined me, especially as the next bench was placed next to their canteen.

Cows 27.09 (6)

There was no silence of the lambs, and I could hear sheep bleating in the background. There were always sheep on the neighbouring meadow, but they disappeared some time during the year and now they were back, or perhaps they were new arrivals. The famer had now shifted the sheep barn further down the river and they were no longer within camera range. He had even planted a few new trees where the barn used to be. It was time to go home in any case. I enjoyed the walk, but noticed that half an hour is now really my limit. I managed to refill my photo album with some new material.

And now something which I have noticed lately on my blogging pages. I really appreciate your comments on my written words, they inspire me to continue and it is a way of getting to know each other. I have been blogging for almost 10 years. My beginnings were humble – WordPress was not exactly waiting for me. However, I persevered and one day I got followers. I now have many followers and I love you all. Everyone is welcome to pass their comments and I have got to know many.

However, something bothers me lately. I receive a comment, which I must approve, because it is a “new arrival” on my blog. This is good, I love meeting new people. There are some visitors that I do not understand. They make a “like” on my page and add a comment with a link “Please visit my blog” and that is all. I find that a little lazy. They make no attempt to say anything more, just visit my blog. I naturally do not visit their blog and their entry either disappears into the trash or spam, according to my mood. If this is all you can manage as a comment then you are in the wrong place with me. I built up my site with patience and realised that Angloswiss could not be built in a day. I have been writing for many years. I now have 6,500 + followers, many that I can really call online friends. They did not click a like and say follow me, they supported me with their comments and I visit their blogs out of interest. I might tell Mr. Swiss to follow me when we are shopping, but I know him quite well.

And now I will move on. There is a silence of the builders, which is always positive. They are now probably having their morning break, although paint drying does not make a noise.

See you around, enjoy the day let’s write, or just read what is written, which is also very good.

Autumn Leaves 27.09.2017 (2)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have had a couple of those non commenting comments. Those people are only looking to increase their own blog traffic and I consider it rather bad manners too. To me a “Like” is a friendly wave or as we say in Australia “G’day” it could mean. “I was here and read your piece but perhaps I don’t have anything to contribute to the discussion today.” or maybe just “Nice pictures”.
    I often leave comments as you know but not just to leave a link to get people to visit my blogs. I figure they will if they want to if only to see what sort of person I am. Of course I am running my blogs as a hobby not to make money.
    A fellow blogger recently posted saying that she did not really like it when her posts were reblogged on sites which consisted entirely of reblogs of oher people’s posts and no original work. I don’t really understand why people do that either unless it is for profit as well. There are some funny people in blogger land aren’t there?

    Liked by 2 people

    • It happens now and again, but they are lazy people. We spend time writing and thinking it over. We might take photos to fit the theme and when it is uploaded, you have success in itself. Then some lazy person clicks a like and says visit my blog without leaving any other sort of comment. Yesterday the same person wrote this three times on my contributions. She must have some sort of complex. Needless to say she has gone to trash and spam land.

      As far as reblogging is concerned, I don’t really mind. I am getting publicity and perhaps my efforts are appreciated, so in a way I am honored, especially if I get acknowledged where I a reblogged. I have also reblogged, but usually a blogging colleague that has written a good piece and I always write a few lines of introduction myself.

      I also leave comments which often become an interesting conversation. And g‘day to you downunder.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I thought about going out today, but I think I need to give it at least one more day. I was out yesterday — briefly. I don’t think a single day will “do it.”

    There are a couple of professional rebloggers. There isn’t much I can do about them, so I ignore them. I suppose that’s one way of having a blog without doing any of the real work of blogging. But why bother?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was out yesterday on my own, but not longer than an hour including 2 rests on a bench. At least I shot a few photos. Tomorrow I am out shopping with Mr. Swiss, but that will probably be all.
      There are some that only reblogged, but that bothers me less than pathetic requests „to visit my site“.


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