10 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 28.09.2017 Hollyhock

  1. Oh, we do not grow those much. They do not like aridity (lack of humidity). The funny thing is that in more humid environments, or well watered gardens, they are much more susceptible to rust.

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    • The rust is a problem with hollyhocks, although those that grow in my garden now are from the seeds of my original plants, and they do not seem to be so susceptable. I had a lovely patch of hollyhocks, yellow ones, but the builders have trampled them to death. I have another plant growing from its seeds and am hoping to have it replanted in the original bed eventually. I also have a supply of seeds from a very deep red hollyhock which I am thinking about spreading somewhere. They grow quite well in our area and are quite resistant to the cold temperatures in Winter.

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